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Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Tanker

Discussion in 'Schneider National' started by Troy0024, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    I am currently a 48 state OTR team and while they give us plenty of time on the loads, but while this maybe the case on the loads they give us ALOT of time on usually are "BY" appointments which means you can drop whenever as long as it is by the specified date and time. When it comes to relays them charging you I am on the Van side and I have NEVER heard of this. I dunno about bulk. Think he is just hateing someone probably didnt like his blue shirt or something.
  2. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    The guy who told me that came over from the van side of Schneider. He's the only one I've ever heard that from.
  3. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    I rarely see complaints about Schneider, I'm starting to reconsider them as a starting company for me. I'm still not sure where to go but its sounding like them or roehl at this point. I'm up near Boston MA.

    Do you have any insight on the trainers at Schneider?
  4. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    I haven't heard anything bad about Schneider lately. For a starter company, they're probably ok. But you have to be home by midnight because that's when your truck turns back into a pumpkin.
  5. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    LMAO! I guess I'll have to find a girl who can make me a big ol' pumpkin pie!
  6. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    I did my training in Coraopolis, PA, and being from the MD area, that's most likely were you would do your training, maybe Gary, IN depends on whats slots are open. The trainers (OSR's) are very good overall, I found training challenging and real world. The trainers them selves are from the field, and give you every chance to test your self and learn, they answer your questions the best they, but stay on task, do too the tight time lines, and are very to the point and lets get this done, B.S later. I also looked at Roehl, my research came up with, SNBC starts with a little better pay, increases your pay faster,and will get you on the road making real money quicker. Trainers can only teach you so much by talking and showing you, Hands on and on your own is when the real training begins. The Trainers and your truck TE (Traning Eng) will give you the core skills you need, to start off, as long as you use the skills they teach you and ask questions, ask and ask, if you do not they ass U me you get it and move on...Hope this helps, good luck...feel free to ask more questions...

    P.S-If Rubber Duckie try to sell you load locks for a tanker, make sure he gives you the scuba gear that goes with it... :)
  7. Re: Current Driver-Anyone needing ??? answered about SNBC, Schneider National Bulk Ta

    No way. The scuba gear costs extra.
  8. I am seriously interested in "getting my feet wet" here at the Coraopolis Terminal/depot. I just got hired and then recently laid off from Conway. Just curious as to if this would be worth my time. I have not had too much success in the trucking industry getting started. I was at CRE. They sucked. I was told by drivers with 5+ yearsor more experience or more at Con-way that if I could get a better job to go for it? Just curious.
  9. Wow, sounds like a rough go, I've heard pro and cons about CRE, "CR England" Conway surprises me! heard they were a good company to go with for a local or regional job, know knowledge of con-way truck load which i understand is there OTR positions, anyhow I've been with SNBC for about a 1-1/2 now, and they have treated me fair, like any company, trucking or whatever, it really boils down to what you make of it, every company has there way of doing things, with Schneider, it's the Schneider way ONLY, and almost every time I've tried to do things the way I think it should be do, which means cut a corner or 2, I've gotten bit, so I follow the script, and in the long run it's worked well, I've made good money, not gonna be rich...lol I suggest you call and talk to a recruiter and get the scoop, and then I can answer some detailed questions for you. The Bulk/tanker training was intense,but well done. They show a lot of patients and want you to succeed. I don't bleed orange but do like the company overall. Cory is my OC, and if that's your area, you most likely will train there and be assigned there.
    Also just a tip, every driver has there .02cents, don't fall into all the negative. Those Con way seasoned drivers that were telling you to go find another job, I'd wonder why "THEY" were still there if it's so bad. A company may pay better on the surface, but it really boils down to the total package, med, dental, vision, 401k, vacation time, and such The roads not cheap, having terminals all over really takes the sting out for laundry and WiFi, or just hanging out in the tv room B.Sing with drivers and relaxing. Schneider trucks may look like rough, mother nature put the dirt there, mother nature can wash it off! lol but I've never had a problem getting repairs or sat on the road with a blow out for more then 2hrs, and there updating the fleet at a quick pace.

    OK, enough from me, good luck and anything I can due to help you out let me know...
  10. Con-Way is laying off?
  11. Yep! My first day was January 3, 2012. My last day was January 21. Here is how I found out that I was going to be laid off. I saw a post on the bathroom door looking for volunteers for a layoff. They found 3. Well, I don't want to talk about that anymore because I really don't want to go back because of that.
    I am seriously considering Schneider because of where I live. The Marcellus Shale drilling is booming in this area but you need experience which I really don't have. They will hire me. I have talked to a recruiter. I got some things to get. I already have the "H" endorsement. Just got to get the tanker endorsement.
  12. Tinyman, did you proofread what you wrote? Notice on a "@#$%house door? Really? LOL
  13. Yes it was posted on the bathroom door. No worries. I am no longer there. Just two more hoops to jump through and I am heading to Coraopolis.
  14. I am currently with CRE. Getting ready to turn in my truck after only 2 1/2 months. Haven't got a paycheck in 7 weeks. Have begged my DM for more miles, to no avail. Just watched my personal vehicle be repossessed. I've got nothing left, totally broke working for these idoits. Looking into going to Schneider. Anything I should look out for? Interested in leasing and being self dispatched.
  15. You are broke, your car was just repossessed and you want to get into a lease? Are you serious?
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  16. [video=youtube;qdFLPn30dvQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFLPn30dvQ[/video]
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  17. Sealion... A lot of people on here are very negative and believe they are the bees knees. Don't let them get you down while I know most of them have a lot of experience and know a lot about the industry most of them have the better than you attit
    ude. One of the reasons I find myself hardly logging in here anymore. Now if you have a repo on your record forget Schneider. Their lease department hates negatives on your record. I only know cause I tried that route, but if you are serious about leasing try Prime no credit check walk away lease. I am currently leasing from prime (I run team) and I am making on average $6,000 a month after EVERYTHING is paid and that is profit split in half. It's non force dispatch and you make 72% line haul rather than mileage. Down fall truck is governed at 65 but plenty of time on loads that's why almost all prime trucks drive so slow they are sucking up the fuel economy. Message me if you have any questions.
  18. Wow, Prime must have figured it out after I left. Glad it's working out for you though. Be safe !
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  19. PRIME??? Run. Run fast and run far!

    I had to leave Prime after losing my home and nearly losing my POV. At Prime, you are completely dependent on a single person to make or break you. It's luck of the draw whether you will have a fleet manager with a heart or someone like the one I had who just covers loads. The amount of deadhead in addition to never getting home, being stuck on the eastern seaboard and basically forced to run low paying loads because that's "all there was available" in the area I was stuck in.... I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

    Many will say I jumped from the frying pan into the fire when I came back to Swift and leased. But I have not had a negative settlement in the two years I've been back. I have money in the bank, my bills are current and my credit is on the mend. I drive solo and do not train.
  20. I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic. This guy has failed at a lease deal and wants to give it a go at another company. In my opinion that is not a wise move.

    But that is just my opinion.

    The guy is welcome to do as he pleases, and I wish him well, but it doesn't look like he has a great track record.

    As for you taking home $3,000 a month at Prime, good for you.

    I am a company driver for a smaller flatbed company and average around $5,000 to $6,000 a month. The truck is not governed, I am free to choose how to run, so long as I don't bring tickets back to the safety guy. No forced dispatch. I decide how long I stay home, I decide how long I stay out. No one tells me what route to take from the shipper to the consignee. I get paid by the hub mile, every mile, empty or loaded. I get extra for tarping, oversize, overlength, overheight, overweight and hazmat.

    The truck I drive is assigned to me. It is set up well, with an APU, inverter and a refrigerator/freezer. I am free to have a microwave, etc. so I can prepare meals in it rather than have to exist on fast food garbage and greasy spoon cafe's. I am also fre to have a TV, and if I choose a satellite TV setup. I also have installed a laptop mount for my laptop which I use for my logs (DDL) ad navigation (Streets and Trips), and a printer/scanner/copier to print my logs each day and send any documents to the office if needed, customs paperwork to brokers when crossing into Canada, and receiving permits when running oversize.

    I'm not saying that is any better than whatever anyone else is doing, but I sure as hell don't have all the hassle and headache of "owning" my "own truck" in a lease deal where the company tells me what I can and can't do with it.

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