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Cummins ISX Backfiring

Discussion in 'International' started by Injun, May 26, 2012.

  1. Them KW guy's will try anything to beat a Pete!
  2. All we have to do is...."Step on the gas dumbass!" I have 14 tail lights on my truck so that you at least get a lightshow when I go by!
  3. There's a lotta popcorn on this site today.....:toothpick:
  4. Would you like some floss?
  5. I had a Cat C-12 for years, now I am half deaf,, When I first got it, I used to get these headaches while driving, mentioned it to another driver and he said it was Cat's 'new' turbo, (it was new back then) and they make a high pitched scream or whining noise. I started wearing earplugs and the headaches went away.

  6. C-12?

    Is that a lawnmower engine?
  7. Starter motor for C15 CATs and bigger.

  8. So, It's like a modern day pony motor......I get it.
  9. your not wrong by much
  10. Absolutely!

  11. Now THAT'S funny!
  12. Isn't that what you have on your new riding mower??

    Speaking of back firing, my wife made supper tonight and for the life of me I have no clue as to what she put in it, but its causing some major backfiring! And it stinks horribly!!!!!!:fart:
  13. No, it's a Yanmar but it's only 27hp so it is basically as strong as an N14! Lol.

    Can't explain your backfire issue but the smell is probably from the gerbil tim was talking about in the other thread.
  14. Figures I just had to open this thread and read the gerbil comment while I am eating....:yuck:

  15. Fixed......
  16. Mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate pie!

  17. Well said!!
  18. Okay, truck doctor's raising Girly's dress in the morning. When I hear why she's got gas, I'll let y'all know.
  19. Well. My Girly's getting a brand new turbo. Seems it was FUBAR. The symptoms were so subtle, I would have thought maybe a single injector would be the problem, but nope. Anyway, since the turbo was malfunctioning, it plugged the DPF, which is being pulled and cleaned.

    Since it's in for that stuff anyway, I've requested an overhead be done at the same time. While that's being done, the injectors will be checked for adjustment.

    Sounds expensive, doesn't it?

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