Crete - How Much More Can You Embarrass Your Drivers?

Discussion in 'Crete Carrier' started by Duck, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    ... or more specifically, ... how much extra do you pay them to run around pulling these things?

    I've been seeing these things on the road for several years now. This recruiting ad campaign probably scares more potential recruits away than it attracts. It's like you're saying "Come drive for us and we'll do our best to humiliate you".

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  2. Whirlwind

    Whirlwind Hard to Handle

    I'm of the school of thought that I don't care what the trucks or trailers look like as long as they get the job done. Stupid slogans, ugly color combinations, or filthy with road salt and dirt, I don't care. If it hauls freight and pads my paycheck, I'll drive it.
  3. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Drive for these people before I moved to Arkansas. Only quit because I had a local job waiting on me.

    This place probably treated me better than any company I ever drive for. Had no problem at all pulling their advertisement trailers.
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  4. Whirlwind

    Whirlwind Hard to Handle

    I tried for Crete once, but I couldn't pass the work well test. Went to Glen Moore instead.
  5. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I wouldn't pull any trailer with such a desperate sounding recruiting ad on it.

    Other than the ridiculous ads on the trailers, I haven't heard much at all about Crete/Shaffer.

    I also wouldn't drive one of those trucks with "ask me about..." on the side of the cab. I've seen fleets that put recruiting ads right on the side of the tractors. I'm a truck driver, not a recruiter or a sales rep.

    If someone's dumb ass wakes me up when I'm sleeping to ask me a question about my company, some serious bad stuff is gonna happen to him.
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  6. ironpony

    ironpony Well-Known Member Supporter

    This is BORIS!

    Don't mad make duck!

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    Flying Squirelly bad enoff!

    BORIS - out!
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  7. rebel

    rebel Well known, by a few Supporter

    Ya know...................

    You might just be encouraging those kind of transgressions.............driving around with that big, yellow, rubber duck on your door.........:rolllaugh:
  8. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Not something I think I need to worry about at this particular juncture.

    Besides, most people can't even pronounce the name on my doors.
  9. Whirlwind

    Whirlwind Hard to Handle

    I can! I can! Only because you told me... :D

    Though, really, it's pronounced like it's spelled if you get rid of that first A
  10. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I missed this thread....whoa bubba.

    I love it. Here ......Iam a fellow cretean an have thought about leaving several times

    Until I recall the horror stories I hear about other companies it always goes back

    Too how good I have it .....could it be better yes, what place can't use some improvements

    Is it the worst no not even I could care 2 chitts less about a stupid trlr an what it says

    For the amount money I get paid an all the bennys I get life is pretty good

    Just spent 4 days @ home 2 weeks vacation built up with 2 more weeks coming in a few more months

    Got my life insurance, accidental an critical injure insurance, short term disability

    Which I used twice when I had eye issues an had too eventually have eye surgery

    Got profit sharing, retirement package

    Yeah its kinda hard too find out why people just quit cause they gett some crappy loads

    And the gravy train loads don't always come their way

    Ya just gotta tuff it out sometimes
  11. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    I Can


    Isn't Taiowa a mythical Hopi diety?
  12. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Or maybe it sounds like Iowa with the "T" sound at the beginning?
  13. That guy

    That guy Well-Known Member

    I agree, seems to be the best companies don't need to do much recruiting!

    This is as much advertising I want on my trailers!
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  14. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Looks like you're advertising for GoodYear.

  15. SweetDaddy

    SweetDaddy Well-Known Member



    Hay you use them extra axles & tires. Or you carry them around
    cause you got so much extra money

    An you like too have. All them accessories
    gotta have accessories

    Anybody got fingerless gloves hello
  16. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Taiowa is the Hopi name for the Creator. The story goes that Taiowa was to make the Earth and all that surrounds it. However, he only created another being to do it for him. The name of the other being escapes my mind at this late hour.

    It sounds sort of like the name of the State of Iowa, but, well.... similar to "T-Dá-Iowa" ....confounded English alphabet....

    No, I did not use the Apache name. I wanted something that could be easily read and with a pleasant sound to it. Once people hear the name, they don't forget how it's pronounced. I usually just say "TIE-oh-wah."
  17. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter


    Wikipedia to the rescue.

    Hopi mythology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    When stumbling around the interwebs I found some history about Taiowa (some spell it Tawa), one account says he was a lazy being, and had Sotuknang go and create the nine universes for him, and some other stuff.

    I also found a band that does some interesting music by the same name.

    Check them out here: Taiowa EP
  19. Whirlwind

    Whirlwind Hard to Handle

    *** GASP***

    You said the A word!!!
  20. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Yeh....I find it amusing how many of the Tribes were named. If I had said "Dine," most would not know what I was talking about, some would assume Navajo since their word for themselves is the same, and some would ask, "Is it time to eat already?"

    The Flathead people were not the ones who would board their babies' heads to place a slope along the front of the skull. The Blackfeet were so named after they walked through a previously burned area of wilderness. The Apache were called this because it was a Zuni word for "enemy." Well, at the time, we were.

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