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Crappy Truck Brokers

Discussion in 'Freight Broker Discussion' started by Zapco, May 1, 2008.

  1. Guys it is time to step up the plate and set these other friggin idiot str8! Look, I am a truck broker. I am one of the few truck brokers that 99% of the people that haul for me never go anywhere else. I always thought it was somewhat humerous that truckers were cutting each others throats by cutting each others rates. Well let me twll you fellas, the trucker broker now is doing it to themselves as well. I have NEVER seen it like it isright now. As brokers, we should be stepping up to the plate and raising rates to keep the poor souls in business. $4.20 fuel!!!!!!!! Holy Christ! Why in the world would you idiots be cutting rates to screw the trucks when they need us more than ever. That is my companies philosophy, always was! Most of you guys have never heard of my company because we almost NEVER post our loads on the internet.....we have no need. We have trucks that are begging to haul for us in most cases. My companies rate right now is $2.00/mile MINIMUM or we wont take the damn order. What the **** is it with JJ Jerue, TQL (dont get me started on these ****ers), Allen Lund, and the countless other fly by night bastards that are chopping rates to gain "market share"????? Listen my company is only in produce, we do nothing else. We don't haul carpet, trees, meat, rubber dog **** outta China, nothing but produce. It is what we know, what we do, and do it very well. All I can say is ahul for whoever you want to, but remember the bastards that screwed you all winter when they chopped rates and stuck it to you. We (well produce haulers) know the summer season is coming up and it is going to get busy and rates are gonna get stupid high....THEY ****ING HAVE TO! Pardon my french, but come on fellas, rmember these other idiots when business is rolling and turn around and stick it to them. Ch Robinson actually got there head outta their hinney and form what I hear in alot of cases is paying somewhat decent rates.....WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN!!!!! I will say this, we are in the top 5 produce brokers outta California and AZ, and you haven't heard of us. Why because we don't actively search for trucks or post bullshit cheap loads. If you agree great, if you think all brokers are evil thats fine too, but I have guys that have dumped their direct business to haul for me and make MORE money thru me going to the same damn palce. Good luck to you all, stay with the fight of staying in business and give the finger to cheap frieght!
  2. well that is one powerful first post. lol

    welcome to the forum
  3. Sorry about it being my first post. I have to admit trucking is pissing me off like every trucker out there. guys it is time to put a stop to this. I love this business and by god am I gonna let the rich get richer and let the trucker suffer. time to stand up for the guys that stand up for you.....when was the last time you heard that from someone who loaded you? Think about it.
  4. Great example (kinda). I had one of my very loyal trucks call me this afternoon to tell me they had a driver that may have had a heart attack and they (of him first of course) were worried about the truck. I litterally drove to get the truck and it is now parked behind my house so I can keep an eye on it. Yes I drove and keep a current CDL.
  5. Hodges Transport, they suck. CH Robinson, they suck. My company has been around the block, and also been screwed a time or two. The big problem is it will take up to 10 years in a civil court to drag a **** company or broker or shipper into court. By then they are out of business. It is much easier to boycott them to start. We have seized loads to get our payment, and all that does is hurt the shipper and receiver. The broker ends up out of business or looses their surety bond and forced out of business. We end up delivering the load for what we contracted for plus the additional owed amount that the shipper or receiver have to make up for what the broker screwed everyone on in the first place. In the worst case it goes to court and everyone loses. We have taken the loss and returned the load back to the shipper, which intern he gets his load back, losses his contract with his customer, the receiver losses the product and sale to his customer, and we are just out some fuel and labor. With the amount of bad brokers today, it is better to not haul for someone new, rather than take the chance of not getting paid. Zapco you may be a good broker, $2 per mile now is still a **** rate if you don't have at leas 55 cents for fuel surcharge. Even at $2.55 per mile today you are below what Smith Transport is getting on a crap rate of a minimum $3 per mile plus. Right now for us to even start a truck will take $2.55 per mile for standard freight. Reefer work should be at least half again more since you have two engines to operate in my opinion. But bare with me, I am not into the transportation of food. Just to give you an idea about what I stand for, we have not hauled a load since April 1st. Doesn't look like I will be in the future either. It is pretty sad to have to take calls all day with insulting rates as low as $1.01 per mile. As far as I am concerned I am going to start a new method of rate. $4.25 per gallon will be the same per mile. This will work. It did back in the 70s and it will today. I will guess about another 6 months of this and nothing will move by independents, it will all end up government subsidized. Had CH Robinson offer me 2.20 per mile for a Super load that was 127,000 pounds and 12 foot high and 12 foot wide and 24 feet long. I laughed at them. You are asking me to bring out a million dollar unit to haul a load for this. $30 per mile plus permits plus an additional $4.00 per mile per chase vehicle X 4 and $7.00 per mile for the pole vehicle, or how about just making my yearly premium for liability insurance on the 22 axle combination unit at $250,000. Needless to say I am still sitting, and so is the load. I am now getting calls from local farmers wanting to know if I would be willing to haul grain. Not me. Same with local stone hauling companies. I have had people telling me it is our fault why the food is so high. I told them you have no clue of what you are talking about, explain to them the trucking process. Now they have only one person to blame. They go home and look in the mirror. That is where the blame is. They voted a bunch of jerks in that are stealing all their money, and not doing anything to help them. That is the way I look at it, and my opinion. I have supported the shut downs 100% and I see people just keep going. They are going broke, for the ones who have not already gone under.
  6. It sounds as if you pull a flatbed and I do not know anything about that freight other than it normally pays much better than reefer or vans. As far as $2/mile, we are in a supply and demand business. I agree 100% rates should be $2.50+/mile and trust me, my trucks will be getting it. Keep in mind the average length of haul on my loads are 2500-3000miles and weigh on average 38,000lbs.

  7. I agree, don't take me wrong. You need to make a little and we need to make a little more because of the equipment. Yes we do flatbed work, but specialize in heavy haul or super loads as some have said. I know some of the brokers are trying to be fair, but many are just out for the kill. CH Robinson has over $5000 to work with on a contract haul from Hardy in Sparks NV, and they are only willing to pay $2000 total to a truck to bring it back to Illinois. That is the BS I am against. I bet they are not showing all that profit when tax time rolls around. Also Hardy is wrong in what they do. They have a set of scales that runs on the average of 1500# light. I know what the product weighs and how many are in the bundles. We have some super light tractor trailers combos and have pulled across scales weighing in at 79997 with full tanks of fuel. You figure it out 46500 load and truck is 27500. We now take the loads and scale them at the first place. If the company is over 500# they either take the excess off, re negotiate the contract for weight or if they remove the whole load like they did with us, we sue them for the full amount of load plus detention and miles traveled to load and off load. Plus the scale is illegal because they have no way to give you a scale ticket and no certification on it, other than that you trust the numbers on the screen as you pull on it. We have turned them in a couple of times to weights and measures for this. They still do it, but they dread us when we show up.
  8. Zapco looking forward to doing business for you can i have ur contact information
    Ryan Brunecz Trucking LLc
  9. Ok zapco let's put ur money were ur mouth is i haul freight for some of the big boys had my authority for 10yrs now my fmcsa record is good money talks and bull**** walks i do 3 stops in nyc i go to Connecticut,ma to Maine i go anywhere it pays Im not one of these guys that says i don't do nyc i don't do California nyc isn't even a challenge anymore the question is how many produce trucks are you going to need this summer
    Matter of fact Im in California now but Im booked this week
    you can find it on the fmcsa page lol
  10. Did you look at the date on the post you're replying to?
  11. There is a chance they didn't move all the produce, of course it would be pretty rotten by now.
  12. Hell ya ....he is going back too the future marty
  13. Lol nope
  14. Yeah tht was a post from '08

  15. Seems about right for the times tho... fuel at $4.20 / gal ? rates not changing or lowering to less than what was got 4 years ago ?

    Can't help but wonder if the OP is still around......:harumph:
  16. We oughta have a time capsule thread. Post the current gas, diesel, cigarette & milk prices & a few news headlines and then lock & sticky the thread, update it twice a year.

  17. Don't omit rate of pay... gotta have that in there to demonstrate a loosing battle.
  18. We should start January 2009 and update it reguarly, especially in October and early November 2012.
  19. Let me just hop in my time machine, LOL.
  20. It is aka the internet. 2009 is when President Obama began his reign of terror and this Oct. and Nov. is when people will have voting on their minds.

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