Coca Cola Philadelphia

MOST of you might already know this but this shipper Coca Cola is by far the worst maybe they hate my company but they make us wait so long. I just got called to back in to a door and I waited 16hours, I'm back in to a door and so far 2 hours went by not a pip from them they are assholes


Steering Wheel Holder
That's along time to have t to wait.What's it take roughly an hr to unload?What the heck they do to make you guys have to wait so long?That I don't miss about driving van and reefer the sitting times.
When I wrote the first post I was call with a door number to back in, However I still waited till 3am to be unloaded. So arrived at 9am 5/8 and leave philadelphia at 6am5/9 I ****ing hate coke.