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Class Action Suit Against Swift Transportation

Discussion in 'Swift Transportation' started by wmbhad83, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. wmbhad83

    wmbhad83 New Member

    Class Action Suit

    Ok, right now there is a class action suit against SWIFT for underpaying their employees based on a flawed mileage calculation.

    I want to find out of there is, or will be, a class action suit against SWIFT for these CDLs which are now invalid. I just received a letter last week from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation saying that I have until March 5, 2009 to retake the test, or surrender my cdl and pay a fee to have a duplicate non-commercial driver's license made. If I fail to meet either of these requirements my license will be invalid all together. I haven't driven for awhile, and don't have a need to maintain the CDL certification. However, I still owe approx $1500 on my student bill. Seeing that it was questionable practices that caused my CDL to be invalid, that should be a contractual violaton. Everything I dealt with was SWIFT. My instructors and practical testers were paid SWIFT employees. If they weren't then they did a good job advertising themselves as such. Badges, blue button down SWIFT shirts, tractor trailers labeled either "SWIFT" or "M.S. Carriers". They knew 100% what they were doing, as they even provided all the answers for the state's written test from day one. At this point I am going to be speaking to a lawyer, and also advising SWIFT that I will not pay anymore on my student loan. If anyone knows of a class action suit for this particular situation please let me know. I would like to recover all costs incurred, however I would be happy not having to pay another penny. Any information would be much appreciated.

  2. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Pulled this out of a news thread, thought it would get a little more notice in a thread of it's own.
  3. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Old School'd

    I would stop any further payments and send a letter demanding the return of any monies paid. Swift is in default of the agreement with this action brought against them, and the effects of this regarding the individuals involved. The money charged included a valid CDL...since your CDL has been voided as valid, then they have defaulted on their part of the agreement. That default is enough evidence to support a lawsuit. Don't need to be a lawyer to understand that one.

  4. Sean McQuaid

    Sean McQuaid Whiny baby

    Whoever has had a WRONG done to them by Swift, and can PROVE it beyond a reasonable doubt, I hope they SUE and WIN. I have been a victim of them - set up to fail. But in the end with me, it is simply yhe little guy's word against the BIG BAD COMPANY. And most will take them at their word. If I live to see SWIFT and WERNER go under, I will simply laugh my A$$ off.
  5. searay

    searay Yachtman

    Call OOIDA and see if they heard of this.
  6. Sean McQuaid

    Sean McQuaid Whiny baby

    Quote: Ok, right now there is a class action suit against SWIFT for underpaying their employees based on a flawed mileage calculation.

    Just about every company pays 10 to 20 percent of what you actually drive. Even if you drove the stupid secondary route they route you to drive the minimum miles possible (which includes lots of different routes you have to turn on and going through a lot of little towns), you still end up driving more miles than they tell you. And in the end, it will take you longer to get there than if you take the interstate. The miles thing is just another way to rip off the driver.
  7. Sean McQuaid

    Sean McQuaid Whiny baby

  8. Sean McQuaid

    Sean McQuaid Whiny baby

    OOOPPS, I was in a hurry and I mistyped above. I meant to say that just about every company pays 10 to 20 percent LESS THAN what you actually drive - not 10 to 20 percent of what you drive. Sorry.
  9. FlatBroke

    FlatBroke Well-Known Member

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