Chronic pot use makes you puke

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    For years people who have chronically used marijuana and then have this cyclic vomiting and abdominal pain were probably diagnosed with a stomach flu when it might be this "mystery" disease called CHS. The cure, to stop using marijuana.

    What's weird about this one, is if someone is nauseous, he may use marijuana to make it subside. But then the CHS gets worse.

    What is CHS (Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome)?
  2. Injun

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    My dialysis patient friend recently started using a tincture of CBD/Sativa with the encouragement of her renal doc. She has been vomiting every single morning since I can remember. She blames the dialysis, but I think it's a combination of her liver disease (chronic hep C) and the handful of skittles meds she swallows every morning. She's not sick until she takes her pills. She says it's just mucus. I'm skeptical.

    Anyway, she says the tincture helps, although last time I was there I caught her being sick again.

    I keep telling her I want to talk to her primary care guy about her meds and try to figure out which one is making her sick, but she won't have any of it. Stubborn ol' bat. I'm not going to tell her she can't have the tincture despite it not appearing to me as if it helps. I'm of the opinion that, at this point, anything that helps, even if it's a placebo effect, is okay. If she told me tomorrow she wanted to score some heroin, I wouldn't argue with her except to remind her that opiates cause nausea. She's been sick a mighty long time and she's not going to get better.

    But it's interesting that the same stuff that seems to help can also cause the problem it is supposed to help. I'll be watching her closely on this one. She takes one dropperful in the morning before she takes her pills.
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  3. ironpony

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    Being a major pothead in my misspent youth, I am glad to dispel this myth as complete bull.

    Never got nauseous off of pot.

    Never knew anyone who did.

    I've known many who use pot quite successfully to combat nausea from medications, such as chemotherapy.
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  4. DrDaliah

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    That's what's making us scratch our head on this one. Since the 50's and 60's how come we're hearing about this now? Thank you :)
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  5. rigjockey

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    I know lots of people who having been smoking weed for decades ( not me because I am not allowed and I don't:() Most smoke weed daily, Like my ex GF and never threw up regularly.
    I threw up more than her because I drink Because I can't smoke weed.
    If given the choice I would take a joint over a box of beer all day everyday.
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  6. Blood

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    It was nothing for me n a pal or two to score an ounce in the afternoon and run out that evening.
    Mighta been that the beer n wine settled our stomachs though.
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