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Cb, inverter problems

Discussion in 'CB Shop' started by Baldman, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Baldman

    Baldman New Member

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    I drive an international 9200. With my power inverter on it makes noise through my CB, and makes it to where I can not hear very far away because of the noise, I have tried to run power to the radio straight to battery, ground to frame, ground from antenna mount to hinge, still have noise. The CB is a Connex 3300 HP
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  3. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

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    I have a small inverter, and even that one causes noise through my CB (General Lee). I also will sometimes pick up additional static from my phone chargers when they are plugged in, and my XM radio when it is turned on.

    It's just interference that you can't really do much about that I know of.
  4. Scorp

    Scorp Supa Truka

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    Run a ground wire from the antenna bracket to a bolt on the frame of the truck. Make sure to scrape the paint off the bolt where you attach it to. That helped me out when I was having problems with excess noise!

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