Cat fuel saver/turbo lag eliminator kit

Discussion in 'Trucking Technology' started by Big Cat, May 24, 2011.

  1. Big Cat

    Big Cat New Member

    Has anyone else tried this product?

    I purchased this kit about a month ago off of eBay and had pretty good luck with it. I have an 02 W900 with a bull rack tied to it and my Big Cat 550HP C15 has been seeing around 4.6mpg this spring. After installing the kit my last 6 fuel stop average has been 5.9mpg with a high of 6.2mpg.

    Does anyone know exactly what the wires in this kit do? So far i have been vary happy with the fuel savings and noticeable power increase but wonder exactly whats going on. I have seen a 2 or 3 lb increase on my boost gauge and very little change in pyro temps so i dont thing there is anything i should be worried about. :wonder:

    Any input on how these work or knowledge any potential problems they may cause will be greatly appreciated.

    So far they get an A+ in my book! I just hope they dont cause any problems down the road. Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Are you talking about a jumper harness, gold in color that goes inline with the wiring to the boot pressure sensor? Sells for around $40?
  3. Big Cat

    Big Cat New Member

    there are 2 harnesses. one goes to the fuel temp sensor and the other to the boost sensor. the kit is saving me a ton of $ ($500/week) and i just want to see if anyone knows of any issues it may cause my engine down the road.

    Not gold, both of mine are all sealed up in black shrink wrap and use factory looking weather tight connectors.
  4. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    The eBay ad I saw for this setup showed what I described, and mentioned the fuel temp pigtail. Anyone can buy the "factory looking" plugs and other bits and pieces, and the special crimping tools for making up harnesses.

    I would guess that what they are doing is putting a resistor or two in those pigtails to fool the ECM to alter the fueling and boost control. That shouldn't harm anything or cause any issues, but that stuff can be easily removed for those times when the rig might need to be in a shop for warranty work. Some people will get freaky about any modifications and even blame them for all kinds of troubles, but the fact is that they really don't know what the cause of a problem might be and they will look for easy things to blame.
  5. tacotory

    tacotory Member

    Hey Big Cat-

    Do you have the brand, model number, etc. of the one you bought that you could share? I have the same motor/ setup as you and would love to see those kinds of fuel economy increase.

  6. tacotory

    tacotory Member

    I found a kit on eBay for $200 that sounds like what you are describing. It is eBay item number 300560832388. There is also one by Diesel Freak (item #310243020604) for $159. I'd post the links, but since I am a new member i was threatened with being banned if I posted another link.

    Do either of these look like what you purchased?
  7. bubbanbrenda

    bubbanbrenda Well-Known Member

    The fuel temp wire is a 150 ohm resister that tells the ECM that the fuel is 160* all the time, that gives you the best fuel/timing combination
    The boost wire is another resister (don't recall the ohm) that shows the ECM a minimum of 15 psi of boost, giving you quicker response when you step on the fuel, it does nothing to increase power or economy, it does increase drivability, however you have probably noticed the extra exhaust smoke when you accelerate, it is also putting ALOT more soot in your oil, keep an eye on your oil samples if the soot gets too high you'll have to change the oil sooner or remove the boost wire. By the way I made my own fuel wire...
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  8. Tim

    Tim U.S.Constitution Supporter

    Dont know what cat you have but an Acert well set a HOT FUEL code if the temp is over 171 degrees, mine stays at 167
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  9. bubbanbrenda

    bubbanbrenda Well-Known Member

    Sorry I talk better than I type, you are correct that should say 160*. BXS Acert
  10. bgxpress2006

    bgxpress2006 Member

    I have an MXS and it shows 183, and no it doesnt throw hot fuel code... maybe earlier BXS did but i doubt it
  11. bgxpress2006

    bgxpress2006 Member

    are you basing mpg on your onboard ecm, if you are start using pen and paper because harness cheats ecm to think fuel is hot and ecm will be showing a false mpg reading... should never trust ecm reading anyways they are almost never accurate, harness will net you a 40 hp gain on cold days when fuel in tank stays cooler then what ecm is reading but on a hot summer day you will get 5hp at best as fuel is almost as hot as what the ecm is reading from your cheater wire

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