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Can't wait for Fall

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by Skateboard, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Move about 500 miles north.
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  2. Well you Proud folks here are truly ready because as the saying goes, "Pride cometh before the fall.". Had to sneak that in, rare opportunity.
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  3. Took me a second read to figure that one out. I'm seeing a lion in your avatar so I'm thinking the babies (pride) are born before the fall and what's that got to do with the cold weather???? lol

  4. he he ... I get it... Proud ... Pride ... Lion ..... wait, I don't get it?!
  5. You do see what that cat is doing, right?

    (Reminds me of a joke, 2 guys watching a dog. . . . . .)
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  6. Actually my state has the best weather. Hey, wait a minute! The last time word got out we were overrun by Californians.

    Don't believe this nonsense DD has put up here. All lies! Minnesota has the very best weather. Move there today!
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  7. Don't worry about it. The Californians will serve as a better deterrent than lying about the weather.

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