Can u make any profit hauling Intermodal Containers

Discussion in 'Owner Operators' started by KevTruckin, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. KevTruckin

    KevTruckin Well-Known Member

    I live out here on the east cost by NYC
    I am a heavy hauler with my own authority and I am looking at buying a few trucks for Intermodal Container hauling.

    Do u think I can make a decent profit hauling containers with my own drivers making them around $40,000 to $45,000 a year
  2. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I don't think so. Most of the can-haulers I've seen on the road have junky old trucks held together with bungee cords, and drivers who don't speak English. I'm not saying that some guy with the right business skills couldn't make it work, .. just that I ain't seen it happen.

    Most people will probably tell you to stick with the heavy haul business.
  3. KevTruckin

    KevTruckin Well-Known Member

    i here ya. everytime i go to the ports in New Jersey to pick up heavy equipment there is dozen's of containers waiting for transport with no drivers.
    alot of work out here on the east coast with no profit
  4. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Logic would suggest that if there's a shortage of trucks/drivers available to pull them things, the law of supply vs demand would make the rates go up.
  5. KevTruckin

    KevTruckin Well-Known Member

    i dont know whats the deal. when a ship comes in late it messes the whole schedule up. that is risky business. you almost have to have drivers on call.
  6. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Every container port I have been in and out of has the appearance of gobs of containers and a shortage of trucks to move them. Think about it. An oceangoing freighter shows up with tens of thousands of cans on it. In a couple days time they are stacked 8 or 10 high over many acres of asphalt. All day long trucks come and go, in an endless stream, bringing cans to ship overseas, and leaving with cans of imported crap to spread across North America.

    And it never stops.
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  7. imkexpress

    imkexpress Member

    i haul rail containers and yes container hauling is an ok income i never did port hauling those trucks are all trashed.... hauling rail most the trucks are trohpys. the only advise if the drivers gotta be willing to run and stay outa nite here n there to make any kinda cash but ur home almost everynight religiously

    im from pa
  8. Chop

    Chop Well-Known Member

    I used to go to the Port Aurthur at least twice a week. There were a ton of container haulers that only worked in Houston, picking the containers up at the port and delivering them in and around the city of Houston. Of the several i talked to, in person and on the CB, they said they made $40 per container. Now, depending on traffic and mechanical issues, you should easily deliver 5-6 containers in a day........... That's not a bad payday for a company driver who goes home every night. Oh yeah, this was back in 2006, so I would assume they make more now. I would also assume that an O/O would make a killing in that area at that time, but I never got to speak to any independents.
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  9. hellraiser78

    hellraiser78 The Life on the road!

    I live here on the east coast also. When I did conatiners it was $40 for an empty into a Philly area pier and $100 for an empty to North Jersey and Baltimore. To pick up a load out of a pier and deliver it paid anywhere from $250 to $400 depending on the load and the distance. I hope this was helpful.
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  10. imkexpress

    imkexpress Member

    the company i pull for is rail cans, and they pay 72% of load, 100% fuel. im home every night and after fuel im pullin 2100-2500 a week 5 full days mon - fri and sat sometimes till like 12
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  11. 8978

    8978 ** Commie Express ** Supporter

    I have a friend on the East Coast with a bunch of trucks. His biggest problem is finding and keeping drivers. His second problem is breakdowns. When the truck breaks the drivers don't fix them, they call you, handle it.

    My friend use to be like me. Single truck with own authority and life was good. He's not sure if it's really worth it now.
  12. 8978

    8978 ** Commie Express ** Supporter

    So, let me get this straight, this company is paying you between $105,000 and $125,000 per 50 week work year?

    Where do I get some of those funny graphic images?
  13. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter


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