by Dimitar A. on 09/24/2014
Not only will you wait there for 6 -7 hours avarage, but can also lose a whole day after that , as the chances are you would be delivering to walmart, costco and others lime those , that will reschedule missed appointments for next day ...... So bottom line , 2 days lost for sure , for 750 $ for ownoprtr , pfff. Never again , IF I EVER GO THERE AGAIN IT WOULD ONLY BE FOR THE MONEY WORTH FOR 3 DAYS show less


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The Napoleon facility is notorious for this.

They were pretty decent until last fall when they pre-loaded about a hundred trailers, reefer and Van, with product and then let it freeze. Every load was destroyed and the powers that be laid down new rules... NO PRE-LOADING..... every load on a reefer could've been saved if the yard dogs had enough brain power to heat 'em up....but hey... Why should they care?

So live loading is all they've done since. The warehouse is staffed by Campbell's employees...the yard and guardhouse are staffed by other companies. Nobody knows what the other nobody is doing.

Sound familiar?

Oh yeah....Anheuser Busch....every run the same way.


I'm surprised the Coca-Cola place in Urbandale, IA (Maybe it's Pepsi, .. I don't remember) doesn't have problems with product freezing.

Few years ago I picked up a load for Sioux Falls. Ice storm hit right as I was pulling out of the dock & I-80 was already a treacherous mess with 4 wheelers spinning around all over the place so I parked it at the Love's back when it was a J. Right after I got parked they closed the interstate & the aisles filled up, then the state cops were directing trucks to park in the Menard's lot & some shopping mall nearby. It was a mess & I was trapped for about 30 hours, mostly because the next day every single truck except mine was stuck in the snow. (I was smart enough to walk next door to Menard's & buy a shovel & dig out a hole to park my drives on.)

It was a "dry load". They'd intended on it only being in the trailer for about 6 hours. They usually load it in dry vans even in winter.

Temp dropped to -10 outside by dusk. I flipped on the reefer unit & as soon as the computer booted it up it was showing a box temp of 20-something even though the 43,000 + lb load was at room temperature when I picked it up just hours earlier.

I don't know what that stuff freezes at, I know it's well below 32 but I know it'll explode in a freezer so I just set the box temp at 70 degrees. Within a minute or two, when the air started circulating around the product the box temp rose to about 50 degrees. So an entire truckload of canned Pepsi or Coke or whatever dropped 20 degrees in about 4 hours.

Since it jumped to 50 degrees almost immediately then slowed down quite a bit after that, I figure the product was close to 50 degrees so I just changed the set-point to 50.

2 days later when I got it to Sioux Falls, they acted like they weren't even going to bother unloading it until I told them I had a reefer & kept it at 50 degrees. They were like "you can HEAT with a reefer? Cool." They had me unloaded in like 20 minutes.


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Napoleon is also well known for loading over weight too! @Dimi3 There are a few posts/threads on here about Campbell's Napoleon facility.
well then I guess they can rearrange there crap so it's not over weight or take some of there crap off until it's not over weight :rolleyes:. sorry i'm not risking a fine for some stupid shipper


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well then I guess they can rearrange there crap so it's not over weight or take some of there crap off until it's not over weight :rolleyes:. sorry i'm not risking a fine for some stupid shipper
They will NOT take any of the freight off. It ships as per the bill of lading. They will however re-work the load. That is a ll well and good but is a colossal waste of a drivers time.


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If it's over gross, it gets cut or it sits. I don't care either way. Been there, done that. They decided it was worth more to move the load, so they pulled a pallet.
Ha, Ha, If they net weight puts them over gross every time and they cant figure that out, Well I can spend all day having them re-work the load,


They drop & hook there.

Apparently they didn't learn anything because every load I pulled out of there this winter didn't have the reefer unit running.