C.R. England Installing ‘Mobileye’ smart cameras in entire fleet

Discussion in 'CR England' started by Mike, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member Staff Member

    C.R. England, the Salt Lake City-based carrier, says it’s going to install new safety technology in its fleet of more than 3,500 trucks.

    According to a company statement, the technology is called “Mobileye” and features a windshield camera that detects lane departures, insufficient headway and imminent forward collisions.

    If a driver is weaving or about to hit something, the system sounds an alarm.

    Source: Land Line
  2. 2lilboots

    2lilboots Tennis shoes are hot

    Sounds alot like usxpress's vorad system
  3. Duster


    my 2 cents

    I drove for USxpress for a good while, and that Vorad system was useless. I am a firm believer that if you do not know how to use your mirrors, a little annoying beeping device isn't gonna save you. And as for it telling you if your fallowing to close...again, if you don't know how not to tailgate, again, that little annoying device isn't going to help
  4. On the Road

    On the Road Member

    Interesting. I never heard of this thing. What other technologies does this company pout on their trucks. I bet they are the type of company that tried everything that comes out to improve driving, fuel mileage, directions, etc.
  5. truckerstrike08

    truckerstrike08 Navigational Assistant

    Not a bad idea. Cops have them and use them LMAO
  6. mrsfuzzy

    mrsfuzzy Member

    England had to be getting a profit from this:

    :thud:C,R. Englad is one of the 5 worst trucking companies in the USA.
    It charges for maintenance it doesn't do, it cuts miles off of routes, cuts $$$$$$ from paychecks, so why it is spending a small fortune to install this systems. Something is rotten in Denmark. Something is very rotten and I am willing to put money on the table that the driver is going to get squeezed some more.
  7. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Old School'd

    I don't know about the rest of y'all...but I see this system being eventually utilized by the gov't. Just like they are beginning now to utilize pre-pass and other technologies to monitor the transportation industry.

    Recently the FMCSA has given the approval for the gov't's utilization of these technologies. I do believe there's a thread already on this.

  8. truckerstrike08

    truckerstrike08 Navigational Assistant

    I said this out of sarcasm just to set the record straight. I was referring to the Trooper in Ohio calling the house asking why I was laughing from the video
  9. lunachic

    lunachic BITE ME !

    alot of companies are putting the screw to the drivers these day's, anyway they can.
    but yet still more keep going back again and again.....................
    cam in truck...uck watch which way it's turned.................
    I see alot of new you-tubes in the future.
  10. patriciajnsn

    patriciajnsn Steering Wheel Holder

    You're not the first one that has said that fuzzy and i'm sure not the last.But what gets me is companies have the money to try and better the company but they don't have the money to pay half way decent wage for the truck drivers,the ones that is making them money.
  11. Luap

    Luap Rookie Driver

    Yeah more pay would go a long way to improving the quality of the fleets drivers just due to more experienced drivers sticking around. In cab cameras will just be another reason for drivers to leave.

    That system sounds like it will be a problem too because the distance they are teaching in school is virtually impossible to maintain. 8 seconds on a 70' foot truck is a hell of a long way and everyone and thier brother will pull into the gap. That thing will go off all the damn time and will probably be recorded and noted on your record.
  12. Blakowt13

    Blakowt13 Well-Known Member

    The front facing camera is specifically designed for its intended purpose and nothing else. It would be useful ONLY in driver training trucks, not seasoned professionals that demonstrate their capabilities of safe driving characteristics.
    It IS NOT A DRIVER SPY camera nor could it be because having a camera directly upon the driver is a direct violation of privacy, then again what isn't a violation of privacy anymore where the gubmint is concerned.
    Were it facing the driver to record reaction times or facial expressions, it could easily be blocked or disconnected same as the Qualcomm.

    Apparently cr england has been having a lot of accidents recently or maybe since they've added requirements to existing drivers, these drivers feel less concerned about cr england and do things otherwise blamed on 4 wheelers to cost this company money.

    For anyone going to cr england, Happy Trails to you.
  13. On the Road

    On the Road Member

    This sounds to good to believe. Does anyone know how this systems costs?
  14. FlatBroke

    FlatBroke Well-Known Member

    Awwww..yes the good ole day's....
  15. mcgregor722

    mcgregor722 Member

    Well if you are not happy with what you are doing ,driving for the company that pisses you off, then only you can change what you are doing to make it so you are not complaining all the time about the company you r driving for. I feel a lot of people really do not like people to complain alot,so if you are feeling like u r getting screwed,leave and find some place that will make u happy.
  16. TheGreenOne

    TheGreenOne Member

    The company gets a federal tax break of up to a quarter million a year for adding technology to vehicles, so this isn't costing them anything. Personally, I think it's a good idea. I see so many bad truckers on the road and this might help save the lives of many innocent people.
  17. jazzy2966

    jazzy2966 Member

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