Bus driver caught texting and driving

Discussion in 'Canadian Trucking' started by rigjockey, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. vaportrail

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    since you said it I gotta funny for all of you drinking and eating are not recommended you may choke http://funkypickens.com/25-funny-auto-correct-fails/
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  2. THBatMan8

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    That's not as bad as autocorrecting VA to BS. Lol
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  3. midwestbound

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  4. Kiwi303

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    There are already british commuters on the trains heading into the City who carry pocket sized cell jammers so they can read their newspaper in peace without some pimply chav youth yakking away the next seat over...

    Just go to Dealextreme.com ... or Aliexpress.com :D
  5. Duck

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    @DubbleD has that on his phone. I've gotten some hilarious texts from him.
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  6. Pullin2

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    No pickin' on the old guys ! MY phone is so old, it has a dial ..... and came with it's own booth !!

    ....... and todays prize for reviving an old thread goes toooooooo ................... ME !
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  7. Giggles

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  8. Rizvan

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    Texting and driving is a big no no and in 2016 the fines will be increasing. Much of the increase in fines have to do with the ability for the driver to download apps which will eliminate text driving. When I did a quick search in Google, I was able to find 2-3 cool apps which are affordable and will eliminate texting during driving. The porblem is truckers don't make the effort to purchase these apps.

    Personally the only solution is for trucking companies to be stricter with employees where their jobs might be on the line.
  9. ironpony

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    Who let the party pooper inta th' room? LOL!
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  10. Mathias

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    I drive with friend of my around 1 am,and then i saw on truck driver watch a movie when him drive the truck.There is a big screen on the dash board .Some on said this is a technique for no sleep in night time.Ok but without me.....
  11. levine1

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    Using jammers in public isn't good. What if you want to make a very urgent call? Or what if someone makes an urgent call.

    And voice recognition has still a long way to go.
  12. Fredl

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    i swap the cart and walk with thems away!
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  13. rigjockey

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    Ya'll have me laughing.
    I was in THE Walmart and this dude walks up to me and grabs the shopping basket I was holding and says, This is my basket!
    I was all like, Beg 'pardon?
    He was all like this is my basket!
    I am looking at this 5'6 guy and thinking, Is this guy crazy?
    And I am looking at this guy.

    Ha, Ha it was a guy that I went to high school with, i had not seen him since high school. He got me good!
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