Brokers need to get a clue......

Discussion in 'Freight Broker Discussion' started by mndriver, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. mndriver

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    Left the shipper Friday at noon. About a 2900 mile weekend run. With the weather coming in, I called the 1st receiver. Wanted to know when to expect to arrive with the pending storm hitting them. I'm still 1000 miles out.


    "Broker called this morning telling us to expect a truck before noon today. He left here on Saturday."

    How many loads you expecting?

    "Just yours".


    What the hell do these brokers think with stories like that?

    Maybe with a team it could have been done.

  2. Blood

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    It's only about 6 inches...
    WTH have you been doing for 3 days!?

    "My other carriers make that run in two days and take a 34 before delivery."

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  3. Rodger

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    Just another desk jockey that does not know the trucking industry or how it works.

    Hell it's only 6 inches on the map!

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