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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Discussion in 'Truckers Health With Dr. Daliah' started by Roadmedic, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. ......and now, the rest of the story.

    Paul Harvey


    cRYING out loud here I thought he was a teetotaler!

    caps lock sucks.

    Anyway, Oh trust me, "they" attacked fast food, tobacco, and language. I'm honestly surprised they haven't attacked alcohol yet.

    The pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because they were running out of beer. They were aiming for Jamestown, VA (again).

    They already want to tell you what to say.
  3. 23 BMI but I would like to add...

  4. BIG difference between stupid BMI equations and actual bodyfat compostion, that is Lean Body Mass (muscle) weighed against fat compostion.

    The BMI does NOT do this and therefore is useless.

    If you were 5' 6" at 200 lbs. and your body fat level was in the single digits, like 8%, the BMI would state that you are obese.

    A body fat composition caliper or immersion test would show that you are muscle-bound and in amazing health.

    IF they incorporate the BMI index (which also "grades on a curve") that is, takes into consideration every race and ethnicity, they will be making a very big mistake.

    Here's the kicker: They are NOT going to incorporate anything that is going to eliminate truckdrivers. Raise insurance rates? Maybe, but that would still create a deficit in qualified truckers. The economy can't handle this.

    If they really wanted to hurt the industry, just start doing hair follicle testing, saliva testing and 10 panel DOT screens, also, don't allow Diabetics to drive.

    You will eliminate 230,000 of the already 250.000 qualified drivers we are short of now... and as I've stated before, when the "baby-boomers" get ready to retire..... the industry will plummet right along with the economy.

    What do you think they will do then? Allow those who possess a legal Marijuana card to drive OTR?

    Bring in the disabled that are getting State checks? Oops... sorry, they are already dong that. My bad.

    You have to ask yourself: "Why is the DOT fighting against the Saliva drug screen?"

    No, I've not gone off topic. It's all falling under the same premise: Elimination of truckers.

    If all we had were "qualified" drivers out on these here highways, there would be no money to be made for anyone, and tons and tons... thousands and thousands... of "jobless" and possibly "homeless" people.

    Many truckers only know ONE trade. Can't blame em.... truckdriving doesn't allow for night classes.

    Rant, rant, rant. That's what I do. You'll get used to it. Peace be with us.....
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  5. Body Mass Index?

    How about Bull Manure Index?
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  6. You got that right Injun... good one!

    I truly don't understand why they would even dream of implementing such a thing on a truckdriver other than to do like they usually do: Impose fines and let us continue on "business as usual"

    There is no way a trucking company is going to get involved in personal fitness training.... or if they do, it will be just words, no action.

    People have the right to choose. Trucking is an unhealthy industry or "lifestyle" to live.

    If you "choose" to be obese... well... I suppose people don't actually "choose" that, but they don't stop it either. Nevertheless; people do choose to smoke, drink, do drugs, etc, etc., .....

    Until the government employees change or are forced to make changes... and law enforcement, why should a truckdriver change? It's tough enough just to get that "heavy hand and hold that load behind...."

    Man, I'm grand-standing tonight. Time for bed. Shut me the hell up already.

    I think the time changes tonight... does that mean I can go on for another hour?

  7. bmi is a joke I should be around 170ish
  8. I'm 6' 170 pounds...
    I could hide behind a fence post.
    If I gain 15 pounds I would be considered overweight.

    BMI definition was changed by the gov't several years back.
    It used to be reasonable.
    Now it's just a jack-your-premiums insurance scam.
    [Hey @Duck , where's that J/O emoticon? :D]
  9. Google AdCensored it. o_O
  10. Censored Emoticons..... lol

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