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Discussion in 'Heartland Express' started by Outlawtrucker43sollady, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. saddlesore

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    Hmmm.... Spit venom... is that similar to farting turds?

    Just asking....
  2. Duck

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    You're thinking of Prime.

    Did he give you his business card and tell you to mention his name when you apply?
  3. patriciajnsn

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    No business card,LOL.We was sitting in the dock area because that customer requires no drivers must remain in trk otherwise they won't unload us.I asked him how he likes Heartland and he loves the company.II think with any company alot has to do with your dispatcher.This driver has had the same dispatcher since he started there.He told me if his dispatcher quit he'd be looking for another job.
  4. Swampy

    Swampy Well-Known Member

    Glen, you might want her to just take a polygraph test and get it over with.
    I've been driving for 40 years and you have me confused,do you know to much or to little?
  5. Davezilla

    Davezilla Well-Known Member

    This seems really unbelievable to me. This is like fighting over glass half full/half empty, and you dont realize youre watching "two girls, one cup".

    Im only a student, but already I see a lot of people trying to make normal things out to be some sort of conspiracy from the dark side. When I asked my uncle about trucking, he told me straight up that some companies dont have APUs, including his, and that you may have to get a few gallons in one state in order to get to a state with lower prices. Fair enough to me, I dont see why some people make it out to be such a deal.
    Reminds me of a post about Crete, where the guy says "good pay, good people, good miles, but I cant sleep because the opti idle beeps". He wrote a HUGE post about it. He made it out that Crete had NO APUs, when in fact its more common to have them than not. He was also in one of those sleep studies, so its not like he couldnt have just gone to the company and proved he needed an APU, they probably would have given him one. In fact, my uncle one went ape because he was in a flat top, and they gave him a condo.
    The point of this being that some people just love to be negative, and try to bend the truth to make it seem evil.

    Ive also noticed that reviews of my particular school are really all over the place. I find it absolutely bizarre, because the reviews couldnt possibly be farther from the truth.

    Some people just like to project their own problems onto others. Lay off the caffeine.
  6. cajuntrucker59

    cajuntrucker59 Well Known Smart Azz

    No more meth for me!
  7. tell you what genius, you go ahead and go to your company and demand an APU...

    do let us know how that works out for ya! ok??? AND HEARTLAND DOES NOT HAVE APU's.....and if you idle your truck over 28%, it will drop your miles per hour you can go. You think im joking, give me your email address...Ill send you the paper work that he received when he went to orientation. So, frankly, I dont care if you believe me or not. It was a heads up for those thinking about it...:ducttape:
  8. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    Yes paragraphs and better punctuations would make it easier to read, that is a suggestion not an insult and most here bringing it up were being helpful not hurtful so please take that as part of the learning experience of life and work on it, none of us are language professors or we wouldn't be trucking anyway ;<)

    Having said that I am completely with her as I have first hand knowledge of heartland's recruiting style and friends with my current company that were with them.

    She states a few things that you would only know going just through the orientation BUT it gets worse so good for them for doing their homework and getting out before committing farther. If not they would have found that home-time more than a couple of days gets your truck reassigned and you sit till they assign you another one. (punishment for going home too long?) also if you write up mechanical needs (as we all do going home) THEY look at you and say we are not a valet service take it to the shop when you get back and wait for it. (that is crazy). The list goes on but like the "old man" I went running too.
  9. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    While I'm at it, what ever happened to noting that she put this here to warn others and not to hear herself type so "thanks for the heads up" instead of calling her a liar.
  10. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Somebody just mentioned it was difficult to read because of the way it was typed. Some people can't handle constructive criticism and immediately go to DEFCON 3.
  11. TNFiremedic

    TNFiremedic Well-Known Member

    A driver with 20+ years experience and living in Florida should buy a rig and become an O/O with Landstar. With that amount of experience, you know how to survive and what good paying loads are. You could make a much better living for yourself on your own vs. being a company man.
  12. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    Agreed that's why I said to her "that is a suggestion not an insult" the other comments of mine were referring to some abrasive statements that seemed unnecessary. I for one don't like being called in effect a liar and i think that put her on the defense, just saying.
  13. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Yeah that's alright. Sometimes this kind of stuff happens. I just call it "drama" and try to tread lightly. (try)
  14. Seriously, are we still beating a dead horse about my writing? Is that really this issue here? Apparently no one really got the point and frankly, the fact that it seemed like nothing but a ***** session instead of me trying to help someone else from making a mistake was ridiculous. Exactly what is your criteria for constructive critisim? I honestly would like to know. When I wrote that, I was in a hurry and pretty angry at the time. We lost a lot of money on that venture just to have some idiot degrade and treat my husband like ****. Sorry folks if my English 101 wasnt up to your usual "trucker snuff" for whatever that might be.

    Whatever.....there are definitely other forums that are not so, how do you say it, full of snobs....have at it folks. Wont be back!
  15. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

    I believe what started out as constructive criticism, was taken the wrong way initially, prompting an overreaction. These have continued and gotten out of hand and peoples feelings are obviously hurt.

    I didn't see anyone come out and call the OP a liar, although I did see some question her statements, or say that they did not agree with them. That is going to happen on a forum like this. Your opinions are not going to be the same as everyone else, and they have the opportunity to voice theirs, as you do.

    That being said, for now this thread will be closed in order to end the *****fest it has become.

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