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  2. Let me answer a few of your questions and I will sum it up for you all....NO he is not a newbie, 20 + years behind the wheel. He did NOT get fired or quit his other job before prospecting this one is ,47 cents a mile, they do not pay per diem, they to not have APU units on their trucks and do not like you idling at all, not to mention the miles they lie to you about getting. If they say 2500-3000 a week...they are full of it. Not to mention if you take out an advance...3.00 charge. Cheating on miles and been told by other drivers that they have a tendency to ask you to complete the run and fudge your logs to do it. If you **** em off...they will screw with your DAC record.

    There is the shortened abridged version for those that have an issue with my writing. I wrote this because there are a few out there that will get sucked into the garbage these recruiters had to spill out and embellish. He found out first hand that a lot of the things on the comments website about Heartland were true to a point. I figure, that many people complaining about the same thing, there has to be some truth to it. Where there is smoke, usually there is fire.

    I guess next time, Ill just give the abridged addition for those who actually care.
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    Good info here and thanks for you input about this company, heartland. One of the responses to your posts was someone who used the word "probably" to the info you provided, therefore the poster was "assuming" something he didnt know :poo: about. Thanks for clearing up the fact that your husband is a veteran driver, and to me that was clear in your initial post. Glad your hubby still has a job and i hope everything works out well for the both of ya! Be Safe!
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    you left out that very important fact....doing so, made for the responses you got. instead of rambling on about useless stuff like the idling policy, and DAC reports, pertinent information should have been said first...not SEVERAL posts later.
  5. cajuntrucker59

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    Good god Glenn! Do you always have to be jackazz? The lady is trying to give us the low down on a bad experince with a trucking company and your scrutinizing it like a presidential campaign speech. If she wanted your opionion, she would have asked you for it!
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    I second that. Quit being so abbrasive. You rub people the wrong way man, ease the "F" up driver.

    I'm sorry your husband got screwed, it is how this biz is and it will never change. I work for a decent company and still have to tell somebody once a week to pound salt. You have to look out for yourself in many ways. I'm sure there will be someone else who will stumble across this post and appreciate the time you took to lay out the facts.
  7. GAnthony

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    when one posts on a message board site, like the o/p has done, opinions WILL BE given whether asked for or's "common practice" or "common knowledge" DOES NOT have to ask for it, on ANY OPEN forum.....

    "scrutinizing" a post/thread for inconsistencies or left out information is also done many times by many people, other than myself, and why not..?? if someone posts on a message board site, then be up front with ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION. to leave out such information as the number of years experience one has, can and WILL make a difference in all of the responses, good, bad, or ugly.

    and given all past presidential hopefuls, we have endured over the years....would Obama have been elected if we knew MUCH MORE...??? i think not..

    but here's a question...."knowing what we know of Obama now, will he be re-elected"...??
  8. GAnthony

    GAnthony Well-Known Member do not have to lighten the ef up.......people take thier "rubbing" anyway they wish, when they post on an open forum...

    anyone's "opinion" on "abrasiveness" from another member is just opinion. which THAT is allowed as well, as it IS an open forum. I'll take my lumps about it as well, and why not..?? again... because it's an OPEN forum.

    you say she "laid out the facts"....NO SHE DIDN'T..>!! she LEFT OUT that her "future hubby" had over 20 years experience, and as such she got the responses she did.

    am i sorry her "future hubby" got screwed with..?? hell NO...and wanna know why..??

    SIMPLE..since HE HAS OVER 20 years experience, he SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER to go to a mega-carrier....!!!

    i am sure there just has to be other companies near him (or a reasonable distance from him) that are BETTER that he could have gone to. Yes too, lucky for him he did not quit his last job.
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    Florida is a black hole as far as freight goes. And there are few carriers operating from there.

    So 20 years experience or not, if a driver wants to give a large carrier a go, who's to say if that is a good or a bad choice?

    And tell us this Glenn8675309, are you perfect? Have you never made a bad choice in your life?

    Be honest now.
  10. cajuntrucker59

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  11. GAnthony

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    have i EVER made a bad choice..??


    i got into trucking......but i still KNOW BETTER than to actually go to a mega-carrier...(at this stage in my life)
  12. drifter

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    Ya sounds like any # of fleets. Need to make a list of Bottom Feeders. an ya quite a few people on here are better key board operators than truck drivers.
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    I also found it extremely hard to read but I persevered to the end and was rewarded with a Migraine Headache and sore Eyes,you had good points but what a price I paid.
  14. Can we POSSIBLY exaggerate a little more? Honestly. AGAIN READ THE ABRIDGED VERSION OF IT IF IT WAS SO PAINFUL FOR YOU TO READ. I tried to save someone a little aggitation and possibly a horrible mistake and all I have heard is whinning about reading. Next time Ill print it up in BIG LETTERS and set it next to your ABRIDGED version of "Trucking for Whinners" .....

    ****! OH THE DRAMA! :banghead::violin:

    By the way, your about a month late on that reply...if your going to be a jerk, at least be a caught up jerk! And If I have misspelled anything or have a run on sentence or maybe a period out of place...DO LET ME KNOW, because I SO care about that!
  15. Geranimojess

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    If any awards are to be given for Drama I bow to superiority,you win handsdown as Drama Queen.
  16. Nope...we will reserve that honor for is your Massingil of the Month Award.

    Now, my dear key board commando, you want to keep running that pie hole, at least make some sense and keep up would you? ;
  17. bigyellowpete

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    Play nice.

    Or I will ask Rubber Duck to start photo shopping stuff in here.
  18. Geranimojess

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    If you were not so wrapped up in that "Spit Vemon" attitude you might have seen I was on your side.I made no comments about your Presentation except that I found it difficult to read as others did. Have a nice Day.
  19. As requested...I will play nice....

    again...opinion...unasked for...unwarrented....and its VENOM.....

    Difficult to match wits with an unarmed man......

    Ok, Im done. Have a wonderful day.........:ducttape::tapeshut:
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    I met a Heartland driver a few days ago at a paper plant in Cedar Rapids.We talked for a good hr.He likes the company,he's been with them 6 yrs.But he's dedicated and gets home every weekend.

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