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  1. Recently, my future hubby, decided to see what was out there with another company. I was ok with that with the thinking that if he wasnt real happy with the company he was with because of the sitting and getting beat up with the tankers (always came home with a hitch in his giddyup), and the lack of miles and money. So, after a "Im going to punish you for not having enough miles to finish a run to Cali Im going to make you sit in Nebraska for 3 frickin days and see how you like that" punishment from the dispatcher, he decided he had enough and started looking around. Well, he cast his net and a a few came in. One in particular that caught his eye was Heartland Express. Boy, you would think you were going to work for the Wizard of Oz. That recruiter knew how to pour the sugar in your ear! ".47 a Mile for OTR, my friend, and home more....we guarentee you 2500-3000 miles a week and at least a 1000 to 1200 a week paycheck." Wow sounds great, but my ol man wasnt convienced. He decided to talk to a few drivers as well at some of the Flying J's and Pilots about Heartland..."Yeah man, my name is so in so...HEartland is a great company to work for....great benifits" Tell em Hank the tank sent ya. Yeah, all down the line. So, My ol man decided, what the hell, lets see what they have to offer! What a mistake! From day ONE of orientation he had issues with their procedures. They had a man in Jacksonville Terminal, going over all the material for these orientees who has NEVER BEEN IN A TRUCK...EVER! Weird, but I go on. They told my ol man he had to cut his hair...didnt like that idea, but...hell for the will grow back. But this is where it gets sticky. No APU any of the trucks! idling policy unless it is 40 degrees or over 75 degrees.....people have comment that it is less then that. AND if you idle over 28%, your miles per hour will drop...(e.g 65 down to 62) Yeah, weird again. Then the second day comes around and there was 4 other men in the who wasnt sure which he was going to do as of yet Regional or OTR, they DEMANDED...not asked..DEMANDED that he make a decision within a few minutes....My Ol man, sat back and watched this yahoo of a orientator just be a schmuck through the whole thing. He asked questions about things and even the other orientees said the same thing, that some of those things were not what they were told by the recruiter. Finally, after my ol man asked another question about a procedure...the man (named Rick) got mad as hell and called everyone in the room liars, including my ol man, Told him he didnt believe that the recruiter said that to him. Well, I think that was about all my ol man was going to put up with. Meanwhile, Im on the internet following up on some things about this company and i type in "Drivers Comments on Heartland Express" up came, which I clicked and began to read some of the horror stories about this company. I was horrified and shocked to say the least! To start off....yup...65 comments with about two or 3 of them being good comments about Heartland. The biggest complaint was about the lack of miles...nope, they were only getting about and AVERAGE of 1500-2000 a week. If they fire you, they will leave you stranded at some terminal in Bumble**** and you have to find your way home (seen that one alot). Had a report on there about a man who froze to death in his cab because of the no idling policy a while back, (although that has changed, they still regulate you idle time). Home time, pretty non-existant. You have to fight em to get home. One man had to literally threaten them to get home to his daughters wedding. And then....when you get that time off....they punish you by making you sit for days on end. There were plenty of complaints about asking drivers to fudge their logs to run longer, call you up in the middle your 10 to pick up a stranded trucker. Per diem, you dont get that till you file your taxes....yup...that is also a draw back. You can only get the amount of fuel that they want you to get, where they want you to get it. In addition, if they have your phone number, they will CONSTANTLY call you...not use the qualcom for their messages...."easier to deny it if your on a phone, huh?" And the list goes on and on. There was even another woman on another forum who talked about some jerk up in Columbus Ohio terminal who is an orientee there that played the intimidation game with her, embarrassed her in the orientation, screamed at her, he carried some big stick that he kept hitting the desk with and so on. So, with this being said....If you are even THINKING about Heartland, do NOT go out of the Iowa, Columbus, or the Jacksonville Terminal. Seems those are the biggest offenders in the chain. Do not fall for the schpeel that Brian the recruiter has to pour in your will be sorry in the end. Im glad my ol man didnt quit his other job before this...we would have been stuck!:banghead::explode::pullhair:

    Oh yeah, if you hear good things about the company from other drivers and they tell you to give em their name....they get a 500 bonus if they sign on. AND it IS a requirement that you suggest at least one driver PER YEAR! They have a tendency to deny workmans Comp...and they will screw you on your DAC record if you try to leave or dont do exactly what they want you to do. Many drivers have had this kinda of vengeful little kid crap happen and ruin their record. Whether these comments are made up....seems too risky for me and my family to risk oue livelyhood over the unknown risk and a few more dollars in our pockets....just sayin
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    Please do not think I am picking on your writing and composition skills. But you present a post like you have with long run on sentences and only two paragraphs.

    It is so difficult to read that I gave up.

    I am sure you have something valid to say here, but I cannot get past the first few lines. I get lost when I try to read the next line.
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    I read it all and to sum it up, her husband was deceived by a recruiter and treated like dirt while in the classroom part of his orientation.

    I do have a question though. Why is there a need for a long drawn out orientation if a driver has a few years experience? My orientation at ABF lasted about four hours total. I filled out tax forms watched a couple safety videos and did a road test that didn't even include me hooking a set of trailers of backing up at all. What exactly is taking place during these orientations? I'm guessing there may be a lot of convincing unsuspecting people to do a lease purchase or something.
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    well from what i gathered, she was telling us about her husbands so-called bad time at heartland...again, is 100% of the truth being told here..?? i mean after all, the husband (probably called her) and said a few things...did she "embellish" things like i alluded to in my thread..????

    i think so....

    again...newbies making more of a situation than it might really have been...

    we were not there, so how are we to take the word from someone who had a conversation with yet another..????
  5. GAnthony

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    i did not read where she ever mentioned "few years experience".......
  6. DENNIS82


    Why people always complaining about those companies? Why they dont do their home work before they go to oriantion or why they dont do any research on company before they start ? Their crying always comes right after they quit or when they got fired.. DO YOUR HOME WORK !!!
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    Thank you for enduring that conglomeration and interpreting it for me. As I said, a few lines and my eyes crossed trying to go to the next line.

    And I really don't mean to find fault with the OP or "nit pick".

    I truly wanted to read and understand what she wanted to convey, and possibly offer comment on the situation.

    That may be, but they don't have lease plans there, at least they don't mention any on their website.

    But they must be doing something at these long, drawn out "orientation sessions". Maybe mass hypnosis and mind control, so that all of their drivers will crawl along in the Granny lane and not get speeding tickets.

    I don't get that her "ol man" is a n00b.

    But you are free to think as you wish.

    I looked at her profile, and read her other posts. It can be inferred that her "ol man" has been driving for a while, so he is not a n00b.

    It sure sucks that he had this bad experience, for sure. I hope he has found a better job.
  8. Racer X 69

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    Did you read the post?

    This woman's ol man neither quit or was fired. He went to orientation and didn't like what was happening, and decided to not continue with employment with this company.
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    I agree Racer. Didnt sound like a greenhorn driver (ol man) to me. Story sounded legit as well. Dont understand why someone would assume someone is lying with a wealth of information that would be hard to fabricate by someone not familiar with the trucking industry. Then i took a closer look and saw it was glenn who had the problem with the post. Good day.
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    again..she referred to her "future hubby" as her "ol man"...a very common term from years gone by...then she goes on to say ""she read on a forum" about other drivers problems..again..she was not there to actually witness anything supposedly "said" but those complainers.....

    i may not be "assuming" anything like you would be thinking, but rather "embellishing the truth and the facts..

    she said they will mess with your does she know that..?? by the "hearsay" from a message board..??

    she does NOT have a wealth of information, only what her "ol man" told her, and how do we know HE DIDN'T over-blow some facts/truths..????

    i have NO PROBLEM........but someone does....
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    I did not know you get paid for miles per hour :(
  12. 2xR

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    Heartland... Mega Carrier... ATA Member company... nothing more needs to be said. I'd flip burgers first.
  13. Racer X 69

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    ? ? ?
  14. rebel

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    It wasn't pay.
    The way I read it was, if you idle too much (over 28%), the governor will start limiting you at 62mph instead of 65.
  15. 2xR

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    Which, at 40 cents per mile would decrease you pay by $1.20 per hour. OUCH!
  16. coachman

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    My bad I went back and re-read the post boy was I a dumb azz I guess I will say ooopppppsssssss
  17. Racer X 69

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    Well if you read it the way 2xR did, it does equate to a cut in pay.

    I'd like to know why Heartland doesn't have APU units on their trucks. If they want to encourage a reduction in idle time, what better way than to give their drivers the tools needed to comply.

    My company did just that. APU's and now I get to keep the cab and sleeper cool or warm to my liking with minimal fuel use.

    And it also provides power to run my TV, microwave, toaster, refrigerator, Foreman Grill, hot water maker, laptop, blah, blah, blah . . . .

    Easy Squeezy.
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    i remember back in the early 1990's, when i was "spec'ing" out for a truck, i wanted a "plain-jane" truck and what we called back then a "gen-pac" or "pony pac"....

    i saw NO NEED to buy chrome and stainless steel...(and i still don't)

    so many drivers at the lunch counter thought i was insane to want such a device which was all of about $3,500 back then...

    i soon learned, NOT to sit at the lunch counter.

    i wonder how many of "those fools" have an APU now....?????
  19. They do that a lot everywhere. He was with another company down south who did the same thing. he has 20+ years behind the wheel.
  20. First of all, this was NOT completely from him. The info that I had gathered both from him as a first hand experience and what I had gathered off of some other sites that had had came up when things started looking fishy after the 2nd day. These were NOT good reports. And when he talked to a couple of drivers right there in the terminal, they were not happy campers either with them. These were things that have been reported by many people.

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