Bad shippers and receivers to avoid total disregard for carriers time

Discussion in 'General Trucking Discussion' started by southtrain32, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. vaportrail

    vaportrail Well-Known Member

    pull a tank problem solved me thinks you guys are doing it wrong
  2. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Oh, what happens when the receiving tank is just a little too full and you have to wait for product to be used before you can unload?
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  3. vaportrail

    vaportrail Well-Known Member

    We unload into 2to 5 million gal tanks and we fill and move to our next site like gb is full as of tonight last loads are going in then were onto dubuque and fargo and Omahacplus i get paid by the hour so0o be my guest and screw up your counts ill take the pay plus they are all tanking loads out with this weather
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  4. Cargo Commando

    Cargo Commando Well-Known Member

    2 New ones for the list. GFS Wyoming, Mi (7+hrs), Brighton, Mi (5+hrs). Common denominator is they both utilize Capstone for Lumpers.
  5. StaceyWolfe

    StaceyWolfe Guest

    If we could have direct link between shippers and receivers there would be no disregard
  6. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    You think this is caused by brokers?
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  7. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    That is caused by drivers and carriers putting up with it.
  8. TroyMotors

    TroyMotors Well-Known Member

    LOL You guys are hilarious!
    They don't give two ****s about truckers. Never have. Never will and the worst part is that we as truckers are to dumb to join forces. That the cold hard truth.
    I don't like it either. But the sooner one realizes this the better off we truckers....
  9. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    I have forced two shippers to unload my truck for excessive detention. You want to talk about changing your attitude really quick.
  10. TroyMotors

    TroyMotors Well-Known Member

    until we all do this or refuse to unload until detention is approved in writing, they will continue to pound us.
    I have threatened to take a load and put it in storage and then send them a bill for detention, storage, and the load pay.
    If they don't like it they can sue me while their load sits in storage and racks up fees.
    All kinds of people started calling my ph. It was off quick......

    Until we perform those kinds of stunts they will always laugh at our time.
  11. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    Try leaving a shipper with a security guard. Especially one that is telling you it will be 10 to 12 hours to load you. Suddenly those 10 hours become 10 minutes.
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  12. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    And you are correct, more people have to be willing to do it. More times than not you have burned a relationship with a broker if you bail on a load that way
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  13. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Guys named Brian are always assholes. :eek:
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  14. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    Does he still work there?
  15. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter


    I haven't been there in over two years.
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  16. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    Me too.

    I'll go to fresh or frozen, but not dry
  17. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    When I was pulling Magnum wagons I went to the dry side. Usually took 2-4 hours.
    With Van Wyk I've only been to the cold docks & it seems just as bad over there.
  18. mndriver

    mndriver curmudgeon extraordinare Supporter

    Better than Kroger's and Publix
  19. indianlarry62

    indianlarry62 New Member

    I would say one of the worst ones that I've delivered to his Quaker in Lancaster Texas near Dallas or even one better than that is Walmart in Pageland South Carolina both of them equally terrible and I would say some of my favorites is General Pacific especially when it's a drop and hook
  20. dchawk81

    dchawk81 Well-Known Member

    Wakefern Elizabeth FTW. In before everyone else. ;)


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