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  1. loke

    loke Member

    Hey everybody! I've been doing the company thing for twelve years now. I just finished orientation at ATS in Saint Cloud, MN. I'm going to lease, and be running the Midwest region. I noticed everyone posting here is doing flatbed at ATS. So if anyone has any tips on how good/bad the van division is please let me know. Also I'm going to be posting weekly updates just in case no one has ever done it.

    Looking forward to talking with everyone.
  2. terrylamar

    terrylamar Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I was with ATS (Special)ized, because I am so special!
  3. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Another member here, @Sinister was ATS flatbed lease for exactly one year.
  4. DubbleD

    DubbleD Color Commentator

    Hey... How'd you like St. Cloud? I'm 35 minutes east/southeast of there and north of the twin cities.
  5. loke

    loke Member

    I've been reading your posts since may Terry. Had a lot to do with my decision to roll with ATS.

    I didn't get to see much of Saint Cloud, I've been at the main office and the Travelodge since Saturday. Seems like a nice place though.
  6. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Things have changed since I worked there(Back when Harold was alive and running the show) but I did their van division for a little while (as an o/o and because at the time the flats were slow and not hireing). It was OK,, if you like I-90.
  7. loke

    loke Member

    I hear that from the drivers I've met running the SE and Midwest, regions. They have a NE region. Is it really that much freight up there that everyone has to run it?
  8. boone315

    boone315 SPACE TRUCKING

    Yes,,, you need to consider that since that is where the majority of the people live, that would be where the majority of the loads go.
  9. Sinister

    Sinister Smartass Emeritus Supporter

    Actually I kept the truck an extra week, and they just charged me a rental fee for the one week.
  10. loke

    loke Member

    Howdy folks just giving a quick update here. Because of the date I got my tractor, I only received one of my free weeks on the van lease. But I calculated what I would have received if I had to pay the tractor note plus variables for the week. So here is how it's been so far.

    $750 (roughly)

    $232 (7 loads of extremely cheap line hauls)



    Well that's so far. I'll keep y'all posted.
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  11. jaiart

    jaiart Well-Known Member

    Keep us updated. Are these numbers good, average or bad? Also does this look to Br consistent?
  12. loke

    loke Member

    To early to tell really. Believe me I'm keeping a very close watch on my numbers and load offers. I remember reading about the run starve method lol.
  13. loke

    loke Member

    Well I've got an idea of what to expect here.

    Flatbed is the way to go. Both of my friends here who lease are doing extremely well. $1,600-$3,200 per week without really running hard.

    On the van side, I'm doing $800-1,300 per week average. Which means all I'm doing is paying bills. The rest I'm saving, I have a bad feeling my taxes at the end of the quarter is going to make me cry.
  14. DubbleD

    DubbleD Color Commentator

    Oh let them slide. It's about time we say a resounding NO to paying a gov't branch that doesn't report.

    You be first.. I'll be right behind ya.
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  15. loke

    loke Member

    Lol. Sure! I'll let you know how it turns out!
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  16. Azkidtrucker

    Azkidtrucker Active Member

    What happened here? Regular reporting dropped off!
  17. loke

    loke Member

    That's because I nearly dropped off lol. I've learned a lot though.

    1. This is a flatbed company. A friend of mine started in May, I started in July. Him in the flatbed specialized division, me in the midwest van division. His first 26 week average $1,700. Mine was barely $400. But he still had linehauls large enough that after 1 single lease he has saved enough money to buy 1 daycab and place a substantial amount as a down payment on another. And he still has a pretty sizable maintenance account. He's starting with a local company next week.

    2. If you absolute;y do not want to do flatbed specialized, they have a padwrap division that will pay the bills. I transferred to padwrap after 26 weeks. My average so far after 21 weeks has been $900-1,100 per week. It would equal flatbed specialized but it's one fly in the ointment. Not enough padwrap freight, for us to run 100% padwrap so it's more than a little general van freight thrown in between loads. I rarely make less than $1,300 on a padwrap load. General freight (brokered loads) bring my average way down.

    3. If you don't live in the major freight lanes, It's best to stay out at least 5 weeks. Once you learn the system, and you have to learn it to survive here, you will be able to position yourself in places and regions to receive better loads. It's easier in flatbed specialized because you get 1-7 load offers at a time. You at least have a modicum of control. Van division, whether regional or padwrap, only get one offer at a time. It gives you a sense of being rail roaded but It's doable. Word to the wise though, if you go to the east coast, make absolutely sure it pays astronomically well. because 8 out of 10 times that's all your gonna really make that week. Most load offers you get after that one east coast load will be, 'loads to get you off the east coast to a better area', but not necessarily to a better load.

    4. Great company, and good equipment. For the most part everyone is easy to work with. But always remember it's still a trucking company and the CSA is making all of them more than a little hard to deal with these days lol.
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