ATS New mileage pay, effective 9/1/09

Discussion in 'Anderson Trucking Service' started by Sinister, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. JimF

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    Isn't it riskier to lease on with a company that also has company drivers? Have no intention of doing a lease (been there, done that, lost the T shirt!), was just curious.

    Also, does ATS have other terminals besides the home one?

  2. boone315

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    Depends on who you talk to, company guys will think the owner ops are getting all the loads, owner ops think the company guys get all the freight, who knows, but most of the companies usually are first in first out and they seem to hold true to that, the only time that I as an owner op got preferable treatment was when I was leased on to M.S. Carriers and UPS went on strike, Mike Starns pulled all of us o/o onto doing nothing but fed ex loads(which I loved and made a lot of $$$) Some of the company drivers were not happy but their trucks were governed at 65 and they were strict on the logs, Fed Ex had their own board at M.S. and after a run, it was a mandatory 8 off, no exceptions before they gave you another fed ex run
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    with all the "special forces" guys out here ie: seals , rangers , green berets etc it still amazes me 17 yrs later that we put up with all the crap we have to lol
  4. Sinister

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    It seems to me that MOST of the 4axle trucks I see are in fact company trucks, which says to me that a lot of the high dollar freight is going to company trucks. Company drivers always think they are getting the shaft when it comes to loads and stuff, and often that may just be the case, because lease ops, and owner ops are non forced dispatch.

    However, company drivers get a paycheck every week, and at times make a hell of a lot better money than lease ops, so any squawking equals out, IMO.

    Terminals I know of are:

    St. Cloud, MN
    Gary, IN
    Laredo, TX
    Jacksonville, FL
    Bridgeview, NJ
    Fontana, CA
    Tulsa, OK
    Missoula, MT

    There are also many drop yards and preloaded accounts and yard that are shared with other carriers (such as the Seattle yard). There is also talk of a Houston yard in the works.

    There might be more, but I don't know all of them.
  5. boone315

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    ATS used to have 3, 4 axle super heavy haul tractors, 1 was a company truck, the other two were o/o, one champagne colored pete and one red argosy cab over but I think I heard he lost his truck, that was back in the early part of this decade
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    Just Getting Started

    Well I am new at this and have only been flatbedding for the last 9 mths. I know there are sacrifices that have to be made both out here and at home. I have been an o/o before for 7 yrs so I do know what it takes to be able to get by. I have been reading some of the posts here, I feel that I don't know how ATS works but, I do know after working for E W Wylie and others, that every company is out for themselves. Drivers, lease, and o/o, have to stand together to keep the loads that pay good, stay good! Except for the economy, which nobody can predict. I hope to succeed at ATS because I have enjoyed FB better than being a box puller.

    Thank you for your time,
    May God ride with you,
    and we all return home safely.

    Oh and by the way, I have all my teeth, lol

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