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  1. Sinister

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    Let's Argue About ATS's Lease Program

    I call this honestly in a leasing program. It's a shame more companies dont have this mentality when they do these lease programs. It's probably the most important line in that post, and yet half the people on this boaord wont see it, but will still rant on about your EVIL LEESE PROGRUM AND I(T"S ALL LIKE CRIMINAL AND STUFF...

    ...and these are people who do not understand that Sammons program IS a little different, and you pay toward a paid for truck right from day one, not just and endless lease.

    It's not a big take home money deal while youre in it, and anyone who signs should understand that fully. But there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and that should also be understood from day one.

    If I was still in my 20's when I didn't need much money week to week, and didn't care where and when I went...I'd definetly consider this program, especially over ATS...which I still say I "survived" for a year.
  2. romgram

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    You say " I survived ATS" for a year , so I guess you didn't make 1200$ a week as they tell .
  3. Sinister

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    Nope. Didn't help that they cut pay three months after I went there. To be fair about it though, I was there when things were slow and crappy all over. At first it was easy to clear 2000 a week even after all the expenses, then they slow you down a while, then toward the end of your contract offer you good loads and run you through if you forgot. I successfully completed a year and walked away with just under ten grand. Made my bills at home the whole time, but many ramen noodles can a guy eat.

    At ATS, Its a doable program, and if you ride it out you will be successful and maybe even have a paid off truck, but it's a looong road and I think Sammons program is more geared toward a paid off truck and your own success and you calling the shots.
  4. terrylamar

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    To hear you talk about ATS, I would have to say we worked for different companies. I was home all the time, every two weeks without fail, frequently more often and many times during the week.

    I don't know what my average pay check was, but I was insulted when it was $1,200. Usually, that was because I failed to turn in my paperwork. The last few months it was $5K each week.

    I walked away with a paid off tractor, with brand new tires all around, all kinds of modification, $26k in the bank, after buying all kinds of frivolous things, APU, Diamond Membership to Front Sight, I just spent almost $7k on my F350 and a few other things. I never once ate noodles.

    I cannot explain why our experiences were so different. I made out like a bandit at ATS.
  5. romgram

    romgram Member

    Terry I'm happy you got so lucky there. But aren't you mixed up your weekly check with monthly? I thought ATS running e-logs. Kind of hard to run more then 3000 miles a week. And at 82 cpm plus surcharge you can gross about 4000$ -4500$ before expenses. It looks like sinister story much more closer to reality here. Unless you mean 5000 you made on a truck before any expenses.
  6. terrylamar

    terrylamar Well-Known Member

    I quit before E-Logs, I disconneced my GPS, I meant I netted $5,000.00 and grossed over $7,000.00. I, also, got 7 plus MPG with my truck, sometimes into the 8's. There were times, because of rising fuel cost and the way FSC is structured, my fuel was free and they even paid me money to pump my free fuel. So, no, I am not confused. I did very well at ATS. I doubt I could do the same right now, but I would still do very well.

    I went to Canada all the time. You get extra pay to go to Canada, add in FSC, trailer relocation, tarping, OD along with other fees I am forgetting right now, I made out.
  7. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    The two of you have different approaches to the job. That would explain the difference in the outcome.
  8. romgram

    romgram Member

    This is total bull**** my man . I mean Terrylamar .and you know it !7000$ a week getting 0.82 cpm , plus 0.25 extra you getting for going to Canada. Makes it wow 1.07 cpm where did you go ? Alaska? Going anywhere from Texas to Alberta or Saskechewan put you around 2100 miles unless you go very far north and you didn't . So what the hell you talking about . Accessorial pay? What the f.. Is that? I'm on my day off tonight having a scotch , and nobody else to talk to so .. Pardon my rudeness .
  9. terrylamar

    terrylamar Well-Known Member

    Well, someone else calling me a liar. Screw it!
  10. Duck

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  11. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Instead of getting upset, why don't you explain the numbers you claim?
  12. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    I run about 3500 miles a week. I just finished a 14 day run, 7281 miles, and no reset, bumping my 70 for 7 days.

    The previous trip was 7272 miles in 14 days, with a reset after the first 7 days.

    Both runs had oversize loads on the outbound runs.

    My truck is not restricted, but I run the speed limits. So more than 3000 a week is very doable.
  13. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Some weird stuff that Andy pays.

    Hey, if my company wants to toss a few bucks my way, I ain't gonna complain, are you?

    Single or double malt?

    RACEFAN Space Truckin Supporter

    Well heck yeah! What is that, some kind of weird obstacle course? Those silly rednecks. :duckhunt:
  15. romgram

    romgram Member

    I m not saying its impossible to run 3000 miles a week .ATS pays 1.25 cpm on runs up to 300 miles. Anything more then that goes down the scale to .82cpm. There is fuel surcharge around let's say .50 cpm . To get to 7000 a week you need to run 4000 miles. With 8 miles per gallon truck you need 500 gallons of diesel .is this impossible?.no , but highly unlikely. I took loads for 1.25 out of Wyoming or western Canada but just as a back haul to pay for my fuel not to make a living. That's why I thought it was fishy. I can be wrong . Would be nice to know how to gross 7000$ a week and put 5000$ in the pocket in a lease purchase program in ATS.
  16. Duck

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  17. Sinister

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    Wow I totally forgot I had to wait that long for the money at the end of the lease...been two years ago already. Time flies.
  18. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    No. You said:

    And I merely pointed out that I regularly run over 3000 miles a week.

    And you never answered my question.

    Single or double malt?
  19. romgram

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    Excellent question about single or double malt.
    There is no double malt. Only single or blended.single comes from one distillery or same region. Blended they mix for a smoother taste. I like Johny Walker black . But not on a regular basis, red label I enjoy more often . It has a sharper taste but still an excellent drink for the money I can afford.
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