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    It's actually bad ettiquette to do so. Usually you'll notice the guy whose bragging is outnumbered by four more guys shaking thier heads quietly. There's a reason for that. It used to be really taboo to talk so openly about revenue. At my company, it pretty much still is.

    Terry, right now you have all the experience you'd need to get your own stepdeck and go someplace else, and do better. ATS is renown for having cheap rates. Plenty of freight...but cheap rates. That's why I went there. Where I was there was NO freight. There aren't many people with only 3 years in that have a paid for truck, and however you got it, that's a real feather in your cap and a testament to your success, no matter what company it happened at.

    And yes, more often than not, even after all those expenses brokering off the sureway board is often better than being in the lease program. Your situation might differ, given that you now have a 7 in your truck number, but you'll often hear that the sureway board pays better than the lease program. That's true.

    ATS structures stuff for their own people so that they barely squeak by, almost every time. You literally have to move into your truck, and stay there for far longer than you would have to at almost ANY other company. So all those accessorial pays may or may NOT be passed on to you, and unless you're on percentage, and challenge them, you'd never know! Then, they tell you you'll come out the same as anywhere else after permits and escorts, and I tend to even disbelieve that! So yes, ATS often pays outside carriers more than their own people.

    Oh, sure, you can bounce home from everywhere, and it's your dime, but every time I went home for even a day, I got hammered for two weeks afterward. More and more, I think I let my FM think I was a pushover with that first load, and stamped myself that way the whole year. In talking to you, it seems like you had access and offers to MUCH better freight. I didn't see my first Canadian load offer until the very last week I was there. I saw TWO NYC OD granite loads on my way back out of Canada, and I'd pulled a bunch of granite before that and never saw that type of stuff!

    You shouldn't have to live in your truck that much.
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    I thought it was appropriate to point out that as much as the US wind projects have their rates driven into the ground by certain carriers, there are a few companies in Canada doing the exact same thing. I used to work for a company that was bought up by one of the carriers that is part of the problem, and took my toys and left as soon as I heard rumors of the impending deal. Funny thing is, they don't have any new O/O's in the division that is my former company. The one remaining O/O there is a friend of mine that only runs local stuff, within a 500 mile radius, but only goes that far on rare occasions. All the big loads are now done by company equipment, and I would probably have starved to death if I had stayed.
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    When they put the windmills up on Wolf Island(ruined the island), they were unloading them at the port in Ogdensburg NY and driven down to Clayton NYwhere they were ferried out to the island, I wondered why they brought them over here to U.S. soil, I figured it was because of cost, I know the ports on the Canadian side could of handled the equipment so it was not that.
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    I would be very interested in knowing what finance company you know that might be able to finance me when my lease comes up in may, 2011. Post me and I will check this forum when I can.

    Thank you
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    I guess I missed this.

    So why is it such a hush hush thing in our society to talk about how much we make? I mean everybody is always making such a big deal about how this politician makes or how much that official is getting paid, but when it comes to how much you or I make we don't talk about it.

    What is the deal, are we ashamed of how much (or how little) we make?
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    I personally don't think how much you make is a big deal. I would be perfectly happy in a low paying job, doing what I wanted to do. I have thought and it is always a temptation, to becomming a Big Game Guide. Obviously, it is very seasonal and most of what you make is off tips. Nevertheless, I am tempted to giving up the high paced world I find myself in to move to the back country and a much simpler life.
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    Manners, for one.

    Other than than, simply that it's none of anyone's damn business. Period.

    Both of you come from fields where salaries are publicly posted, and negotiated regularly.

    That is not the mentality of the independent individual. Neither of you are independently minded individuals. No offense meant. One of you is career military, the other career huge companies, and union. That's not independence from a working mans standpoint. Don't write a ten thousand word post rationalizing how it is. Because it is not.

    The deal I make with shipper A may not be the deal YOU make with shipper A. Mine might be better, yours might be better. Discussing it simply, eventually leads to animosity. We might just be friends. But if you find out I got a penny a mile more than you our of the same shipper, and we both got our seperate deals, you're going to get mad.

    It's just manners. Only rude people flash thier money. I was taught that as a kid, and grew up in a ****ty trailer park.
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    I'd also like to have this topic split, but Im not sure where.
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    That is what my dad used to say.

    No offense taken.

    But I am very individually minded, and the company I worked for may have been the largest public utility in the nation, but it only has about 900 employees. Not huge by a large margin.

    I couldn't be a more individually minded person unless I was alone on a desert island.

    Excellent point.

    If you met me you would find it hard to figure out my economic status by the clothes I wear or the car I drive. I play it close to the chest.

    I lived in a ****ty trailer park once, and the projects a couple of different places (Philly, Norfolk, San Pedro)
  10. Not sure I would ever consider any lease purchase of any sort.... but I am looking into leasing my truck on with Anderson. The recruiter seems to be pushing the 21 days out and is calling the 1.77 per mile a gross figure. He also stated many take home $3000 to $3500. What do Andersons rates average for stepdeck freight gross, I can figure out the 65% all by myself. And how many miles does a person have to run to get that $3500 per week? I am a firm believer in less miles for more money, if Anderson wants to run the crap outta me for pigeon seed, they can keep it. Any one help me out here with some info?
  11. terrylamar

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    Have you read the Anderson threads? You might check out the earlier terrylamar and Sinister threads.

    I was making that and more and I was out 21 days or close to it it anyways only once. That is when I had already been out for one week and the opportunity to go to Alaska came up. Other than that, it was rare for me to be out for more than two weeks at a time. I was at home more than that. Sometimes, several times during the week and once four weekends in a row.

    Ultimately, how much you make comes down to your work ethic, how well you can play the game and luck.
  12. I live in Tennessee and would line to be home at least 2 to 3 days every other weekend. In regards to the $3000 to $3500 per week take home pay, what I was asking was, how many miles does one have to traverse to accomplish that figure? As I stated, I like to run smart not hard and 2500 to 3000 miles is a comfortable amount for me each week. How are loads dispatched? Pick from a company load board via computer, or sit and wait for dispatch to call/qualcom you with a load or loads?
    I have already made one not so sound choice in picking a company to lease to, (no freight and what they have is cheap and heavy) I don't want to mess up again, so I want to get info from the horses mouth so to speak from O/Os already with Anderson. So any and all info I can get will be great. St. Cloud MN is a long way to go on a whim, so I really appreciate any and all information you guys can get me.
  13. terrylamar

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    You are dispatched through Qualcomm or Driver Tech. You will get load offers 1-10 at a time. You select one or pass on all until you find a load you want. Miles? It all depends on what the load is paying. If you go into Canada or have TWIC you could make more money or at least have more options. Once you learn the system, you, potentially, could make more money, because you can make wiser decisions. If you are leasing or own your own truck, you make the decisions on where you go. If you want to go home, go. If you lease, you still have to make truck payments. I never had a problem getting home. I was there frequently. Sinister, on the other hand, did not.
  14. patriciajnsn

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    Listen to Terry folks,he seems to know the leasing biz.
  15. Ok, I just want to be better informed this time. The company I am with now, people are very nice but what freight they have sucks.
  16. terrylamar

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    I can only tell you of my experiences at the time, I can't guarantee they will remain that way. ATS has been around for a long time. I would assume they will continue to be around. Some changes at ATS you may want to consider, they are moving to EORB and Electronic Logs. With the new changes to HOS, I think it will limit your money making ability.
  17. I log it like it happens, so if a shipper hangs me up for six hours.... that's what gets put in the log. As I said I'm not interested in running a million miles every week, just getting a decent rate for the miles I do run........ But what the heck is EORB?
  18. terrylamar

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    Electronic Onboard Recorder, a spying device that records how and when the truck is driven.
  19. Duck

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    I've been wondering if there's a difference between EOBRs and e-logs.
  20. DubbleD

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    This function is included with Peoplenet. Not sure about QC but my bet is yes.
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