Anybody have a good experience with Gordon Trucking????

Discussion in 'Heartland Express' started by timsm80, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. timsm80

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    hey i've been with Celadon for 2yrs. now and miles r not what i need them to be ever... im looking at Gordon, first because a raise and second more miles hopefully and i luv to run out anybody have any encouraging things to say about my perspective move?????thanks Tim
  2. HollywoodFV

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    You looking to run solo?
  3. HollywoodFV

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    There a decent company they even have company matched 6% 401k
  4. orpliner

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    gordon trucking is ok-u can do a lot worse

    was with them for almost 4 years-they treated me good. stay away from the NCA division-run the western 13 or the US fleet-more miles. if u love to run out west then they might keep u out here til hometime(can u say I-5). I ran out of their Modesto terminal-(now brand new Lathrop terminal) and they would run me out to chicagoland area and run me around the midwest til hometime-then find me a load back west. after talking to some drivers-it seems like they do the same to people from the midwest. not sure how many miles u need to run-whether GTI would be better than Celadon-depends how hard u want to run and what division-but they had a good customer base and kept me as busy as I wanted-check them out
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  5. timsm80

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    hey orpliner i want to run otr, yea i know what u mean about running hard thats the way i like to run. will i get 2300-3000 a week year round thats what i want, oh yea i was reading some bad reviews about them like they send u all over to get an mt for hours on end..,and they only do truck repairs at terminals any truth to those claims???? thanks for the feedback, im trying to decide between gordon or Conway. ive already talked with a few drivers from there and nothing but good things...
  6. nightriderlisa

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    I am with Gordon and I am very happy there.
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