Any big fans of nhra post you photos here Thanks


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oh man...i know...i loved stock car racing in the day, and those drivers. there was a tv show, "Dave Despain" on (i think) either Velocity or MATV, and he had the mongoose(Tom Mc Ewen) and the snake(Don Prudhomme) ...older now of course, but they spoke of the days of thier races...some funny stuff too.

i haven't seen any shows with Dave, with former stock car racers. but i keep looking.


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This is old school.
RIP Dick..
You are missed every day.
Dick trickle, I bought a remote control car, when I was a kid. Not even the good kind but the one with the wire attached. It was Dick Trickles car.
I used to get up up early in the morning and watch stock car racing when I was a kid. Richard Petty was still racing.
Sometimes we would have guests and they would ask if I was mental? Maybe! But he just likes watching stock car racing:biglaugh:
Long, Long before it was Nascar or it was even cool. I really donèt watch much any more since Nascar canèt decide what channel it is going to be on.:D


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my dad and a friend raced stock class cars when i was growing up. i was 1 of 3 places between the ages of 0-10. race track, junkyard, garage. ill have to see if i can dig up some pictures. they're all polaroids so ill have to scan them, i suppose.

i'm 34 now and i still go to the us nationals (i reside in indiana) every year on friday morning to watch sportsman elims. the nitro cars are cool but my heart is in stock and super stock. real people with real cars.