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air ride on front axle

Discussion in 'Peterbilt' started by 99 pete379, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I installed the Donvell steer assist/stabilizer system on my 2001 Mack. It worked pretty good but didn't do what I wanted, so it was a waste of money.
  2. Your hand has a BUTT?
  3. Hey!

    I'm one of the guys.

    I posted a comment, didn't have anything to do with any knobs.

    What are you doing with this truck, working it or showing it?
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  4. I didn't know what else to call it. Heel? It's not a foot.

    But if I touch the tip of my pinky finger to the tip of my thumb, the part of my palm closer to my wrist does somewhat resemble a butt.
  5. Yes, yes it is. It is a front foot.
  6. Pete I drove a truck that had steering air ride, was a Volvo. Didn't like it, can't feel the road as well...like ice,snow, frost, black ice. It bounces you across the nation too. I use a knob to ease the carpel tunnel in my left hand, but when the roads questionable, I can get a grip
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  7. It is called the heel of your palm, as in a palm heel strike,
  8. Now go wash your front feet and come to dinner.

  9. Fixed....
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  10. Dinner?

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  11. How sad. Anorexia? Bulimia?

    Someone make that woman eat!
  12. It`s anorexia :(
  13. So [MENTION=9892]99 pete379[/MENTION], are you ever going to respond to my question?

    I know the crazy, mixed up **** that goes on sometimes when threads get derailed can be a pain, but I had a genuine and thread specific comment, and later a question.

    So how about it? What are you doing with this ride?

    And how about some pictures?
  14. When a truck gets this close to the ground it won't stay looking "cool" very long. The first time over a set of railroad tracks, or a bounce through some potholes and the "Texas" bumper and the Chicken Lights will be history.

    View attachment 17042
    View attachment 17042
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  15. That has to be an air ride front spring with the air let out. There's no way he could even make it out of that parking lot.
    View attachment 17043
  16. 12 GA Customs

    Only a complete dumbass would butcher a truck like the pictures at that web site.

    I don't know anything about add-on air ride, but the air ride steer axle on the Coronado I'm driving works just fine.
  17. I know that. But even when they pump them up for rolling down the road, some of them look just a tad too close to the ground for what will be encountered.

    But some people like that "look".

    Like the shifter extended 12" or so. Not very practical. But hey, it is their truck, their money.

    And their carpal tunnel syndrome.

  18. Thankfully MOST of the idiots that like "that look" drive Perterbilts......It keeps the riff raff out of Kenworths.
  19. I just done putting my air ride on my front axle. Looks good nothing better than driving a 2000hp pete down the road then a junk kenworth
  20. Didn't keep them out of this one.

    View attachment 17044
    View attachment 17044
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