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If you don't have a pile of cash lying around to repair an emissions truck - if you happen to get a total dog, you're well advised to buy a pre-2004 truck and rebuild it as necessary.

I have a '09 Cascadia, that's done very well. Still, I had a wiring harness repair for an EGR valve problem, and a more pricey rebuild of the DPF system after the controller failed. Took out the DPF filter, DOC, eventually replaced the doser. Probably $14k total over 7 years. Had some warranty failures too.

That doesn't include lost revenue.

Mind you, with all of that, I count myself lucky. It could have been much, much worse. One of these trucks that refuses to work properly can easily suck up $30k or $40k of your money - that's bankruptcy level trouble.

On the whole, I like my truck. I'd have to really think about it before buying another one.