Adventures of Whitey dog

Discussion in 'Truckers Pet Stop' started by Tazz, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Want to borrow Whitey?


    Don't let him out of the truck though. He likes to see the sights:D
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  2. Blood

    Blood Driveler Emeritus Supporter


    He'd prolly bite my leg off.
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  3. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    To explain.

    When I was driving for Big G I had taken Whitey with me on a run to Chicago. We had already made friends with the security guard that wanted to look in my truck at the first shipper, and that red head that used to run the Seymour scales in Indiana.

    I was sent over by Midway Airport right off Cicero and 65th street to pick up a load of glass for Electrolux. Real tight old docks with a half assed dirt lot stacked with trailer.Typical midtown Chicago shipper.

    Well I get checked in backed into the dock. And let Whitey out on his leash to water the tires. Taking him out while loading was easier than letting him get riled by the loading.

    So they get done and the guy tells me pull over to the side (yeah right) and come get my bills. Probably my fault for not locking the doors. When I come back the passenger door is open, and there is blood on the step of the truck. No Whitey anywhere:stare1:

    Well crap. No chance for tracks. I wandered around the little lot that had no fence looking for a mostly White dog, check with the guys on the dock.......nothing.

    Looked across the street to this run down neighborhood and said screw it. Locked the truck and took off looking for my brother. :thumbsup:

    Never crossed my mind I was walking through this neighborhood shouting "WHITEY":wave: Walked past this old guy sitting on the porch and asked if he had seen a white......"Boy is you crazy??"

    "Uhm no I am looking for my dog that got out of my truck over there"

    "And you thought naming him Whitey was funny or something?"

    "Actually no. He was originally the only white puppy in a litter.'

    "What color were the rest?"

    "Mixed. Mostly black with some brindle"

    "So have you seen him? He is pretty much all white with a big brindle spot on his butt":unsure:

    "Well I better go with you." He called over a couple younger kids and asked if they had seen him, and told them walk over towards the airport to check.

    "He don't bite or nothing right':mad-97:

    "Uhm:thumbsdown: I doubt it out here. I mean he is pretty protective but not like vicious or anything"

    "You two steer clear of him then just comeback here"

    We walked a couple blocks and I heard his collar. His ID tag and Shot tag always jingled a certain way. Walked across some ladies back yard and there he was watering her rose bushes:wink:

    She was grabbing a water hose to water him back:roflmao:

    Probably should have brought the leash huh:foreheadslap:

    I have been in some tight spots with my brother. That one turned out cool. I guess some city folk are alright.
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  4. Southern Fried

    Southern Fried Well-Known Member

    Open passenger door and blood on the steps? Sounds like Whitey had him a gangsta snack?
  5. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Never did figure out where the blood came from, but yeah I figure someone was reaching for my radio, or something. Really low rent pukes working at that dock.

    They used to search the help in and out of the door.
  6. Southern Fried

    Southern Fried Well-Known Member

    Did you at least give him battery acid or some such tasty to wash the contamination and bad taste out of his mouth???? :D
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  7. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Nah his worstest meal ( according to him ) was the goat he saved me from. He was eating brewers grain for a week after that.
  8. rigjockey

    rigjockey Token Canadian.

    Dammit! That was one of the funniest stories I have read. Not the part about the dog going MIA but the dialog. LMAO!
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  9. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter

    Whitey the Babysitter or how Whitey earned his own recliner.

    I had walked away from the only thing I had ever wanted to do. As I looked around I decided to drive trucks instead of milking cows. It meant leaving my brother and constant companion behind. Whitey had been by my side since the day he had followed me out of the house as a pup and reported for duty. But jumping into this long haul business I was leaving behind my family. And who better to watch them for me than my brother.

    I was standing in a shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Questioning my reasoning for bringing an old farm truck out on the highway and calculating how the hell I was gonna manage the bill when I got a phone call. It was my son sounding stressed.

    "Dad we are fine and Whitey saved us"


    "Well Mom had to work late, so Brat and I got home first. We were watching TV when Whitey started whining and growling at your bed room door"

    "I looked in there and did not see anything but I thought I smelled something burning. I know you said to stay out of your room but I figured I better check."

    "So what was burning and how bad is it?" I asked contemplating truck repairs as well as home repairs.

    My son broke down crying. A friend who worked for the Volunteer Fire Department came on the phone.

    "Hey Boss it's Wayne."

    "Yeah Wayne. What the **** is going on? Is someone hurt?"

    "No no.....Everyone is fine. Crystal is on the way, we got a hold of her."

    She had stopped on the way home to do the family shopping. Those of you with kids will understand why.

    "Dammit Wayne what happ.."

    "Bill your house is gone"

    Ever have one of those gut punch moments?


    "Billy called 911 and then got everyone out. The kids and Dogs were all outside when we got here. The laundry shed and house were fully involved. We deployed and tried to save the house but that knotty pine just went up like kerosene"

    "Everyone is fine? Your sure?"

    "Yeah Bill everyone is good."

    I must have sat there a million years before Wayne said "You know Whitey even let me pet him"

    "No ****? Huh always told ya he would take a shine to you eventually." It was the break I needed to start thinking again. My mind had locked up in a loop.

    "Alright I'll call Dad and let him know Crys and the kids are gonna be bunking down there. Crys will ***** but I have no choice."

    I had gone into damage control.

    "Hey Wayne I need a favor. Whitey can not go to Dad's. Can he stay out in those old pens behind your house until I get home? Pretty sure he won't hurt ya if you keep him fed."

    "Yeah he has had everyone corralled behind the hog pens since the ammo safe cooked off. He is just sitting there with Bull, Blackjack and the kids"

    "Holy fu......Dammit man were any of you guys hit?" I had a substantial store in my room directly against the wall that faced the shed where the fire had started.

    "Nah the fire was so hot we were all a ways back just trying to saturate everything by hosing over it"

    "Good, good. Christ it would have really sucked if any one had been hurt. Betcha it was a hell of a show though"

    "Yeah I'll tell ya after I change my undies. Hey Billy is wanting the phone back."

    "Thanks Wayne. I'll square up later for taking Whitey for me"

    "Hey man no problem."

    A minute later a sniffling young man got back on the line.

    "Sorry Dad."

    "It's fine Billy. Wayne filled me in. Your Mom should be there soon and you guys are gonna get to stay with G'pa and G'ma until I figure everything out."

    "No I want to stay with Whitey" He knew as well as I Dad was still a little sore about Whitey treeing him for stumbling up to my house drunk.

    "Billy we will all be living in a new house just as soon as we can....."

    "Dad you don't understand Whitey saved....."

    "Yeah Billy he smelled smoke. I know that but right now....."

    "No Dad right before everything blew up, I was trying to back up your truck because it was starting to melt"

    "You did what?"

    "Well your keys were still in it. And Wayne and those guys did not care about the truck. So I figured I would just back it up."

    Yeah my chest swelled a little bit, but my mouth said "Dammit Billy that damn truck can burn to the ground for all I give a crap. Why in the hell would you do something that stupid?"

    Yes I know. I am a horrible Father. Worst thing in the world to say to a boy not quite a teen that had laid it on the line like that. Sue me I was having a very bad day.

    "Sorry Dad."

    "It's alright Billy. I did not mean to yell. I take it the truck wouldn't start?" I had been meaning to change those glow plugs for a year.

    "It did but Whitey was barking at Brat and Bull like he was gonna bite them. Blackjack was curled up like he had already jumped her so I jumped out to call him off"

    "Whitey was biting Brat?"

    I should probably explain that my daughter Brittany is called Brat because when she was born Billy said A's a lot better than I's. A couple years later he proclaimed the name more fitting when she could occupy Mom's time simply by crying.

    "No Dad I said looked like it. When I went to grab his collar he went behind me and started barking and growling. He kind of scared me so I walked away from him."

    "Billy it was probably the stress from...."

    "No Dad. When we got behind the pens he laid down. Then it sounded like that gun show you took me to in Auburndale."

    "What now?"

    "Dad he was chasing us away. When we got behind the corner he just laid down and watched us"

    Now I do not know if he heard the shells going off before everyone else. And then the box gave in and blew,or whether he is just psychic. Truthfully I do not care. It was not the first time Whitey had saved members of this pack (I'll get to the story of the Goat and Bull in another post), nor the last.

    He did not stay with Wayne. The only thing saved in that fire was blue recliner I had out back in the garage. My Wife arrived and we worked out the details of getting to Dads, calling the insurance agent, all the little details when your house burns to the ground.

    About an hour later my Wife calls "You dog will not get in the truck to go with Wayne."

    "Well Dear put him in your truck and take him"

    "Yeah I would never had thought of that"

    "You mean your truck?"

    "No I mean the big friggin' red thing with the lights Wayne brought with him." Hey she was having a rough day too.

    "Oh. Put a leash on him...."

    "He just lays in that chair"

    "Chair? What chair?"

    "That blue thing I made you throw out"

    Shut up. Those that have been married over a decade understand how to pick you battles and furniture is not it. Besides I wanted a char in the garage.

    "Well pick him....."

    "Not a chance." Whitey is not a little dog. Probably outweighed Crys by 20 pounds at the time.

    "Hell. Ask Wayne to..."

    "Whitey chased him off."

    "Put out some food and a bucket of water. I'll be home in three days"

    Whitey can no longer jump up in his chair. We all have many a year behind us, he doubly so. But it sits here in the living room. Sure the other dogs use it now. But when Whitey comes from the bed room (he sleeps right next to my side of the bed) they quickly vacate the spot.

    My Wife called me today before leaving for work, I have some fencing and stuff to haul to the dump.

    "Hey Whitey does not even use this thing anymore I was thinking......"

    "Not a chance. Chair stays until Whitey goes"

    I suppose she thinks nagging me every couple months will make me cave in. But every once in a while I can get my brother up in his chair that I came home to find him in almost ten years ago and we howl. I'll probably give him his pyre on that chair. He has earned it.
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  10. Blood

    Blood Driveler Emeritus Supporter

    Hey to Whitey...

    Hey to your father if you see him before I do.

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  11. Tazz

    Tazz Infidel Supporter


    Fell out of my Grandfather's Christmas ornaments. Billy and Whitey one week after the fire at Wayne's. That is me with Bull and Blackjack my hog dogs.
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