99 Detroit S60 power fall off...

Discussion in 'The Layover Tavern' started by Hanadarko, Mar 4, 2012.

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    My rig is a 1999 KW W900 with a Detroit 60 (12.7) and DDEC-IV control.
    I had it custom flashed to provide 550HP and 1850 ft/lbs.

    It fixed one problem but not another:

    1. I have rapid jackass acceleration and great pull power.
    2. I still have a power fall off I can feel at 76mph.

    ..when I reach 76 mph in 8over, I am doing about 1500RPM - which I think its top HP....
    she will still continue to accelerate but like an old lady using one of those 4 post walkers with cut tennis balls on the bottom.

    Since the problem was present before the ECM flash, I can't blame that.
    The parameters when all printed out - do not indicate any restriction of any kind and no speed limiter is present.

    Any thoughts on what to do to deal with this, presuming I can?


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