4 Wheeler Karma Stories

Discussion in 'Canadian Trucking' started by dmerchound, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. dmerchound

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    Hey Drivers,

    I spent the weekend on the road and I have a few minutes to tell a Karma story. Yesterday I was slugging up Finnegan's Hill (short but steep) on Route 7 between Fredericton and St John grossed out at about 95 000. That part of 7 is a two lane and at the top of the hill the passing lane merges. Now I don't know about you guys, but I give three flashes and then I start merging unless it's another truck... but then almost all the other trucks recognize that you're gonna merge and give you the chance to merge... anyway I start to merge and some dumbass lady in a black Toyota Corolla starts to pass. Now she's getting moved over into the oncoming lane because I'm not about to back out of er at the summit of a hill and **** up the two guys behind me. Now I'm getting the WTF are you doing look from the car and off she goes. Well my thoughts are, "you have brakes in that thing, why don't you use them? And oh, by the way, your attitude sucks." Anyway, off she goes at ++ speed. Well, not even a mile down the other side and good ole Smokey has her pulled over asking her if she knows why she's being stopped? I tooted the horn and kept on truckin'. LOL.
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  2. Duck

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    4 wheeler karma stories..... EXCELLENT topic. :thumbsup:
  3. GAnthony

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    i have a few, i'll start off with..

    one winter, going northbound in CT on I-95, it was snowing, but not heavily. the roads were not very clean however.

    some dummy in a brand new red, Jeep cherokee, passed me, honking his horn, as if i was in his way, by me staying in the RIGHT lane, doing "about" 35 mph, in the 65 mph zone. (it was 3 lanes in that area)

    well he flies by me.

    minutes later, i see, red...dark...red...dark...red...dark......

    i get to the top of the hill, and there he is, upside down, on his roof, car spinning in circles in the ditch...

    i drive past him, honking my air horn......

    i stop for no morons, idiots, and jerkoff's....
  4. GAnthony

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    again in the great state of CT, this time going southbound on I-95, just past the Mystic exit.

    rainy, slight icing on the roads. again CT was apparently in no hurry to salt the roads.

    i am approaching the bridge, but i must stay away from the 2 right lanes, as they go into an exit, but there are 4 lanes available for traffic. i stay in the right lane to continue straight onto I-95.

    another of CT's finest aceholes thinks that at or about 35, on rainy, icy roads, i am going TOO slow in my lane, and he had 3 other lanes to choose from...

    holds his horn button down as he passes me.....

    crests the top of the bridge, there is a pile up just over the bridge, he's too late, swerves to miss the accident, slams into a car passing him and they both slid over to the far right lanes and crash again into yet another car....

    i laughingly, get on my air horn, have my dome light on, and give him the finger salute......

    now...ALL states have thier morons, aceholes, jerkoff's and everything else under the sun, but the percentages of them, are in CT.....at least, for my last 20 years or so, driving this part of the country.

    i found it EASIER to deal with NY and NYC traffic than CT.......!!!!
  5. Duck

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    Where's that video of the road rage guy in the F-150 driving like a jackass & wipes out in the ditch?
  6. patriciajnsn

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    4 wheelers see a trk and has zero patience.Thank God that cop was there at the right time.Most get away with it far too often.
  7. GAnthony

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  8. Duck

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  9. BirchBarlow

    BirchBarlow I hate KW 680s

    Sometimes I start swinging the trailer right towards them and back off quick then start riding the line.

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