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29 LX LCD - Antenna Warning

Discussion in 'CB Shop' started by JACC0811, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. JACC0811

    JACC0811 Member

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    I just got the Cobra 29 LX LCD and was wondering how I can get rid of the antenna warning. The radio is in a '12 Cascadia with dual antennas that came with the truck. Would removing one solve the issue?

    SWR. Reading is (according to the radios meter) .5 on 40, and a bit over 2 on 1 and 20. I tried the SWR CAL dial but no change.

    Thanks for any help!
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  3. Chris397

    Chris397 Well-Known Member

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    The factory antenna system on most trucks will not work for cb radios. Get you a good quality american made antenna and 18 foot of coaxal. "Most antennas are designed to be used with 18' coaxal" make sure you antenna mount is grounded to the truck. Once you get it all hooked up you have to set your swr's. Some antennas have a adjustment others you have to cut the whip. Read the instuctions very carefully on your antenna. Better yet find u a cb shop. They can have u up n goin in about 45mins.
  4. ghostrider

    ghostrider Well-Known Member

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    With this model radio the cobra 29 LX and any radio that shows antenna warning ignore it.The LX esp is touchy there is a adjustment inside you can make it not so sensitive.

    Remember this never rely on your cb radio swr meter always buy a external
    internal swr meters do not read right

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