2003 freightliner Columbia, no power outlets, no interior lights! please help!

Discussion in 'Truck Maintenance and Repair' started by bow2no1, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Member

    i'm tired of going to the dealer and getting nothing fixed! and when they do "fix" something they only half fix the problem!
    the truck is a 2003 freightliner columbia 12.7 Detroit 10 speed with sleeper.

    my problem is, i have no interior lights! no over head lights. none of the 4 in cab 12v outlets work.
    i did notice the fuse box behind the drivers door had a little fire. i originally thought that was the problem. fuse box was replaced and still nothing works.

    today i went out with a test light, (i need to buy a multimeter)

    i have no power to the cigarette lighter fuse on either or the 2 fuse boxes.
    no power on the dash nor the one behind the door..

    where do i check next?
  2. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    Check the 12 volt power feed to the fuse/relay panel.

    Oh, and don't forget to check the grounds.

    A "little" fire, eh?
  3. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Member

    yep, apprently it common for water to leak where the wind deflector attaches to the cab.
    the fuses just flared up inside the panel.
    this happened prior to myself driving the truck.

    where would the 12 volt poser feed to the fuse/relay panel be located?
    i'm new to trucking. bare with me please.
  4. smokeyyunickidle

    smokeyyunickidle New Member

    some of those trucks have a low voltage shut off device on passinger side panel between door and storage unit in bunk to the left of passenger side seat back rest
  5. Racer X 69

    Racer X 69 Member

    You might also check the condition of the batteries. If the voltage gets low enough the system will shut down all non essential electrical circuits so that the truck can still be started.

    Once the system voltage is high enough then the circuits that were shut down will come back on.
  6. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Member

    Everything is fine! i have a friend who is an electrical engineer.
    he's more qualified then the tards at the freightliner dealer! who was supposed to fix the problem in the 1st place!
    i only make 1 or 2 runs a week! lets make this perfectly clear! i'm not an other moron fat lazy hamburger eating over the road truck driver!
    i was hired because i can work on my own truck! thats my job! if it's broke i fix it and drive the truck.
    the the only truck driver this company has.
  7. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    I'm fat & lazy too but I prefer pizza.
  8. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Member

    this is why i will never go over the road!
    i don't eat pizza!
    i run a 6 min 3 sec mile....

    i will always have good paying local runs. because i can do more then drive truck.
  9. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    So can I.

    I just prefer not to because I'm lazy.

    And fat.

    And I can do a mile a lot quicker than 6 min because I just hop my lazy, fat ass in the car and hit the gas.
  10. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Member

    are you driving a pickup?
    i didn't know they made tractors with gas pedals? lol

    i bet it's a automatic too! lol
  11. colohayhauler

    colohayhauler Clutch Monkey

    Yes, they make tractors with gas pedals and automatic ones
  12. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    Yes, the car I was referring to has an automatic in it. And a gas pedal, because it runs on gasoline.

    View attachment 14905
    View attachment 14905
  13. pop

    pop Well-Known Member

    yall chill out now.
  14. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

    Solution to the original question, what to do about the 2003 Columbia....

    Jack up the radiator cap.
  15. Injun

    Injun Rabid Squaw Staff Member Supporter

  16. BJP

    BJP Well-Known Member

    Got it.:clap:
  17. bigyellowpete

    bigyellowpete Town Bike Supporter

  18. Duck

    Duck Quack Supporter

    .. cheaper just to re-wire the cab accessories.

  19. bow2no1

    bow2no1 Member

    actually the wiring is alot more basic then it 1st appears. it's just a matter of getting use to it.
  20. jof

    jof New Member

    it is a fuse and is locate at passanger ander ffuse panel is a 30 fuse, is hiden but is ther i have the same problem before, and that fixed,good luck!!!

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