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  1. RZR_SRT

    Kenworth door dimensions? (K100,W900,T600,T800,T400 and familiar)

    I'm not sure it's legal to post links here. Other problem I can't PM to You(some error shows up) . Any way try google this: 1989 Kenworth W900B (Stock #P-441) First link should be it! Or try PM to me, I will PM back to You a straight link. Probably forum logic is blocking my PM ability, because...
  2. Hammer166

    Donners Crossroads Clara City Mn23

    Clearwater petro has #1, too
  3. Mike

    Trucking News: FedEx's LTL Unit Imposes "California Compliance" Surcharge

    FedEx Freight, the less-than-truckload (LTL) unit of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), has imposed a $7 per-shipment surcharge on all shipments moving to, from and within California, the parent company said. The new assessment, dubbed a "California Compliance Surcharge," took effect Jan. 20. It is part...
  4. Mike

    Motor Carrier Any Carriers Set Up To Haul Freight For Walmart?

    Hauling freight for Walmart as a carrier is something I have been interested in since getting my authority. The way I see it, the freight has to pay pretty decent as I never haul their freight for brokers without being well over market average. I am interested in being able to do this as a...
  5. Mike

    Motor Carrier Being an approved carrier for landstar, is it a blessing or a curse?

    After avoiding Landstar successfully for over two years as a motor carrier, I found myself down south and in a bind to find a load on a Friday after being screwed over at the last minute by another broker. Called on a Landstar load that was posted at a decent rate getting me back into the...
  6. Mike

    Trucking News: OOIDA weighs in on Missouri fuel tax increase effort

    The most recent effort at the Missouri General Assembly to raise the state’s fuel tax has taken the first step toward passage. For years elected officials in the Show-Me State have touted the need to come up with a long-term funding plan to help the state complete road and bridge projects. The...
  7. Mike

    Walmart challenges appeals court $55M ruling in trucker wage lawsuit

    Shortly after a federal appeals court panel upheld a nearly $55 million trucker wage lawsuit against Walmart, the giant retailer has decided to continue fighting the verdict. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, Walmart filed a request for an en banc rehearing with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On Jan...
  8. Mike

    Trucking News: Safety group claims nearly 400 traffic laws need to be enacted nationwide

    Are states enacting enough highway safety measures to save lives? According to Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, nearly 400 state laws need to be adopted for optimal safety. On Jan. 23, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety released its 17th annual roadmap of state highway safety laws. The...
  9. Mike

    Trucking News: OOIDA members offered discount on new Kenworth trucks

    For the 18th consecutive year, Kenworth and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association have teamed up to provide a $1,000 savings to OOIDA members on qualifying purchases of new Kenworth sleeper trucks. Eligible trucks for 2020 are the Kenworth T680, T880 and W990 with a 52-inch or...
  10. GAnthony

    Ten greatest things about New Jersey as viewed from a driver.

    ................me too #jerseystinksandsuckseggs
  11. Mike

    Harry's Razors, time for me to give it a try

    Looks like I get to try out the new razor tonight. As for the commie comments, don’t sweat it. It’s the quackers attempt at being funny while voicing his displeasure of all things not #merica Meanwhile, I will be shaving with a blade made in Germany!
  12. ironpony

    Pre Made Salads.

    Well... in that case, enjoy your attempt to indulge in #fake international food. :toothpick:
  13. Uncle Birchy

    Orientation Class 6th "Back On The Road"

    I remember that time I was sitting at Larado TA for the weekend with a 12 pack .. Actually that TA don't sell beer ..walked across the road to Fly J they gotta Beer Cooler though in Texas on Sunday ya can't "purchase" until NOON Got a "warning" for posting my cell #... And my thread was "deleted"
  14. Mike

    What do truckers do with their money?

    How’s many tips have you gotten on the forum, considering you just joined today? #askingforafriend
  15. E

    Yet more random thoughts... put 'em here

    Time to trade it. #highmiles #pos