You didn't build your business!!

Discussion in 'Truckers Political Forum' started by ironmanwife, Jul 16, 2012.

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    I admire your reply. Regardless of what Obama meant -- here I'll refrain from ascribing ascribing fascism to his words and actions -- you have identified much of the environment in which the 3am driver operated. But his claim is nonetheless legitimate and Obama's observation is just plain wrong. Goods and services are produced by employing the factors of production. Some say there are three, land labor, and capital. Others say there are four, land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurial ability. The three-factor-folks include the latter factor (entrepreneurial ability under the human capital part of the quadipartite division of capital, money, intellectual capital, social capital, and creative capital) . Old 3am employed entrepreneurial ability (or a mixture of creative and intellectual capital) to maintain his business, no small feat for a small businessman. So I posit that old 3am did it, earned it, and that's it. Nobody else put it together for him. IMHO whatever claim he makes or is made for him is legit. Of course I'm just a Newbie trucker who might have been a banker and an SBA loan officer. So feel free to disregard this refutation of Sotero's opinion.
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    Universal health care would be great if it actually worked.

    But the "rest of the world" can only be used as an example if your argument is against it. It's been a colossal failure everywhere it's been tried.
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    I can attest to that! We have universal health care here. The wait times are incredible, The taxes to pay for it are huge but you won't lose ever thing due to a heart attack. Government has never been able to run anything efficiently. I would rather pay for private insurance rather than pay for every dolt that runs to the hospital for a cold, Just because it's free.
  5. Duck

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    Except your life maybe.

    "It looks like 4 of your coronaries are totally blocked, and the 5th is 50% blocked. We have an opening for a bypass operation, ... how's June of 2015 work for you?"
  6. rigjockey

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    For something like that, they will pencil you Like I said I would rather pay for private insurance. It would be less expensive and care is immediate.
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    Since pencil marks can be erased (but in this case you don't want the "penciled-in" surgery or whatever to be erased, do U mean that Obamacare, universal health care, and like products are faith based ? We can't have that after all we're not a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, et al. nation. But with Obamacare we will become a patient (no pun intended, well maybe) nation.

    Are there some numbers, such as the number of critical patients that come to the U.S. for treatment, that indicate the state of Canadian universal health care? By no means am I criticizing Canada here. But the Canadian health system is nearby and might provide some perspective about Obamacare.
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    I used to know a couple people that came to the US for health care. They even had homes here.
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    In away what Obama is saying is true in his eyes. How did he get to where he is without government help, like tuition, both him and Mochelle, Acorn. Heck, even help with the books that he supposedly wrote.
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    I guess when you go through your entire life having everything handed to you on a silver platter by your communist "mentors", it could lead you to think that nobody ever accomplishes anything on his own without help from the "community".
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    That's because they don't, unless you know anyone who was self-taught, self-educated, built their own house they were born and grew up in, built their own vehicle AND every road they ever drove on all by themselves.......then built their own business and the only customer that ever buys from that business is themselves, no one else.
    Know anyone like that?

    Instead of trying to divide the world into the "haves' and "have nots"........or the "blue' and red".......or the commies and the CEO's - why not just admit the fact that we're all in this together and get on with it?
  12. Duck

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    Self-educated? Of course. I've learned more about history, physics, science, industry, mathematics, & astronomy on my own than I ever did in the public schools I attended.
    I wasn't raised in Section 8 housing, ... so "the community" didn't contribute a damn thing. I pay taxes to support the roads & bridges I drive on. In fact, everything I own was paid for by exchanging currency for goods & services. I didn't get any help from "the community". If I owned a business, it would be built from hard work & commitment, and not handed to be by "the community". Customers don't show up and give their money to businesses without getting something in return, .. whether that's a service, or material goods.

    I think Obama is confused and thinks that businesses should operate like charities, which are non-profit organizations that can only exist through donations by "the community".

    The commies on the left side of the political aisle are the ones trying to divide everybody up into "groups" so they can pretend to be the ones who are out for the best interests of said "group".

    This thread is about simply pointing out how much of a dumb, socialist jackass the current occupant of the White House is.
  13. rebel

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    I guess your parents and other relatives were paid for their services too, huh?
    Yep, I was orphaned at childbirth, hunting my own food at 3 days old, never had a wise older person teach my dumb *** a damned thing and don't owe the world jack spit.
    That about sums up the feeling, doesn't it?
    Which jackass were we talking about again............?

    That's a pretty sad youth you had. I thank my lucky stars that I had teachers and other people in my life that taught me things I still use everyday. I learned some things the hard way, but I'm a helluva lot better off now than I would have been if I truly had "done it all myself".
  14. DubbleD

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    See.... this is one of the things that so disgusts me when it comes to politics.

    Take a simple statement out of context and spin the hell out of it to .... what ...... convince the uneducated that the statesman is a jerk and vote for the other guy????

    Sounds like good 'ol Mitt (who'd do that to their kid anyway) has placed some shoe leather in his mouth of his own accord .... twice? in less than a weeks time?

    They's all jackasses.

    Vote for the one person MOST capable of doing the job of Talking Head, lose the party fricken mentality cuz that's what got us to this point at least in part,

    And DON'T patronize my good judgement.
  15. rigjockey

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    Racer and Rebel 2012 ! They stand on the left and I stand on the right but they make sense.
  16. DubbleD

    DubbleD Cheef Editer Supporter

    Rebel... ok

    but a guy who thinks he's radioactive??
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  17. Duck

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    You were born? So you had help from your mom's womb! Not me, .. I just magically appeared one day. I came from outer space, on a ship that I built all by myself.

    Obama's idiotic statement simply reflects his socialist views. It's his views that have come under attack.

    Obama isn't a statesman. He's a communist piece of View attachment 17101 who can't even prove he's a US Citizen.
    View attachment 17101
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    Come on now Rebel. Your deliberately making a disingenuous argument.

    Obama is a communist bent on destroying America as it was founded.
    To this extent he has foisted on us Obamacare.

    Followed by his unabashedly making plain his feelings that without GOVERNMENT assistance.

    None of Americas business would be in the position that they are today. Never forget that all of the businesses that exist today started as one person desire to succeed. They started with a desire to grow and make more money than the other guy. Obama's only source of knowledge is from GOVERNMENT run and funded education sources.

    He is a BIG GOVERNMENT lackey. Incapable of independent success.
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  19. rebel

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    Nah, I'm not being disingenuous, I think it's funny that both sides of this are too busy appeasing their bases to see how silly this is.
    No normal American thinks he owes everything to the gov't and no normal American thinks he owes nothing to his fellow Americans for his success.

    Or, as I said...

    Wanna put your hand over your heart, say The Pledge and deny the part in bold ?
    We all owe something to others whether we admit it or not.
  20. Duck

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    Did Obama say that? If he did, then it must not be true.

    If Obama said that gravity makes things fall back towards the ground, I'd immediately stick an auger in the ground and chain myself to it so I won't float off into space. ..... where I came from....

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