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  1. Duck

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    I remember that.

    But what I don't remember (cuz I ain't old enough) is if there was any truth behind Ralph "Commie *******" Nader's attack on the Corvair.

    And the Pinto. Those were stupid looking cars but I wonder if they really blew up when they got rear-ended. My dad said he always wanted to get one and have a flame job painted on it, .. on the back.
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  2. blackw900

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    I doubt it...My brother had a Corvair "Monza" when he was in high school and it was a pretty cool car, It was quick, fast and handled like it was on rails. He ran the shlt out'a that car and it never gave him problems.

    Who knows? We used to joke about them but none of us ever really bought into the BS about them....I wasn't a "Ford guy", I bought a Chevy Vega wagon and put a 350 W/4 bolt mains in it...It was a very fun car to drive!
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  3. TNFiremedic

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    We've been here 17 years and going and have no plans of leaving. Don't lump everyone in the same group and don't make yourself look so ignorant. Our agency pays some of the highest rates to broker trucks you'll likely ever see.
  4. terrylamar

    terrylamar Well-Known Member

    Do you have consistent FSD loads intrastate, Texas? How about RGN loads?
  5. Ragged Rooster

    Ragged Rooster New Member

    I guess it's a matter of luck and time. I've hauled loads for Landstar with no problem. I've hauled a LOT of loads for Allen Lund and NEVER had an issue. I've never had any luck with CH Robinson or TQL. Every single time I've pulled loads for either of them it's been nothing but a fight from start to finish. They wouldn't know the truth if someone ran over them with a truckload of truth.

    Just shows to go ya that ya never can tell....
  6. rarebreed

    rarebreed New Member

    (TNFiremedic) Where do you post youer loads ?
  7. Chris397

    Chris397 Member

    I remember those trucks. The gastank was behind the seat. I had a 72 for a while. It a little spooky riding around listening to the gas sloosh around behind you.
    You know that Dan Rather was the first national journalist to go to Iraq put boots on the ground and find out the truth. THERE ARE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION HERE. Id say that makes him pretty trustworthy. It did cost him his job. The whitehouse called the fcc. Goodbuy Dan Rather.
  8. Chris397

    Chris397 Member

    Yep. I've been haulin for scott logistics out of rome ga. They seem ok. Swift n schnieder swooped n and took all those loads though. I knew it wouldn't last 6000lb loads of new soft drink cans. Other than that I haul a little jb hunt stuff. Mostly I'm stuck with cheap n heavy rob u some.
    I've hauled 2 landstar loads. Both times they didn't pay enough and they were setup so they couldn't b delivered ontime legally. I've noticed they have different landstar branch's so maby I just got a bad bunch. Idk. I know after someone talks to me like they did ill never haul for them again.
  9. blackw900

    blackw900 Flatbedder For Life!

    The ones he tried to claim were fire hazards were the ones made from 1973 till about 1986/87, The gas tank was mounted on the frame under the box....He was totally discredited for the "hit piece" on those trucks.

    Dan Rather was always a liberal lap dog that had a very loose relationship with the truth....The fact that he went to Iraq to undermine the war effort does not make him "trustworthy" in my book and as far as I'm concerned he should have been fired (at least) because he's no better than "Hanoi Jane" Fonda in my opinion.
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  10. TNFiremedic

    TNFiremedic Member

    Quite often but not currently. and Internet Truckstop.
  11. areg

    areg New Member

    Lewis & Clark Logistics is a small company based in Stockton CA. I've been working with them from over a year now. They have good loads from CA to texas, georgia, florida. i never had any issues with them. if anyone interested just call gary (510) 260 7282
  12. SaddleTramp

    SaddleTramp Active Member

    I had a 51 Chev & a 55 Chev. 1/2T, those had the gas tank in the cab behind the seat lol, nice aroma when tank was just filled up. Don't recall my 64 or 80 Chev. tank, behind the seat?
  13. Combat Medic

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  14. SkateBoard

    SkateBoard ***Commie Express*** Supporter

    Shadetree is a broker you should stay away from. The are insured by Pacific Financial which is your VERY last resort when nobody else will insure you. Also, Shadetree has no credit history so the Internet Truckstop. shows their credit as "N". The have been in business for less then a year from what I can tell. Their brokers license was cancelled a while back. Just not a good pick and someone to stay away from.
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  15. Combat Medic

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    Hey Skateboard,I didn't know that.It's just what I heard..Thanks for the Info...
  16. SkateBoard

    SkateBoard ***Commie Express*** Supporter

    Ya, no problem. I pay a subscription price to get all this info. Lots of times you have trolls on the net that try and spread the word trying to make someone out as good when they are bad.

    The biggest racket within the trucking world is to get a brokers license, rack up about $50,000 in outstanding invoices owed then go out of business and keep the money.
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  17. Combat Medic

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    So whats the web site to get this subscription.
  18. SkateBoard

    SkateBoard ***Commie Express*** Supporter

    Get an account on The Internet Truckstop and get the optional Credit Check feature. You must have your own authority to get on the load board.
  19. Combat Medic

    Combat Medic New Member

    Hey Duck,I owned a Pinto fast back stick shift in 1980 ,We loved that car,It ran great.Would own another one.:usflag:
  20. dado007

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    After reading all of the posts I've concluded that all off the brokers are bad, some more some less! Or, is it possible that no one wants to give up their good brokers?

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