NAU alert-Urgent for Truckers-Please Read & Act

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    hello -

    here is the link to a short video by aaron russo, director of 'the rose', 'trading places' etc, of urgent concern to truckers - and everyone else in this country regarding the North American Union and loss of jobs and income for truckers. please take a look - it's only a few minute long and nothing is being sold here. thank you. Aaron Russo's AFTF Volunteer Digital Action Alert #1 April 16, 2007 - Google Video

    i have also included, below, info from concerning a truck rally in d.c. and state capitols. truckers are in a unique position to direct the media spotlight on a dire situation that most american citizens know nothing about. thank you so much for your time and consideration.

    kindest regards,

    posted 04/19/07 ​
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Susan Tully, the National Field Director for FAIR has reassured me that FAIR is in full support of our Trucker's Rally protest and are very excited that we have united as a nation to bring the collective message of the American citizen to Washington and every capitol in our nation, that we want the NAU and NAFTA shut down, NO amnesty for aliens in our country illegally, and NO Mexican trucking companies, truckers and trucks in America. While FAIR has not participated in the organization of the Trucker's "Truck Out" Rally, they have been fully supportive of all our efforts to do so.

    What we are hoping to achieve with this Trucker's Rally is to stimulate serious discussion and action by our elected officials to bring to an end the plans our government has to destroy our Constitution and our sovereignty as a nation through the NAU or North American Union or SPP, the Security and Prosperity Partnership and through the NAFTA failed trade policies. This does not benefit any of the working middle class of American citizens, it only benefits the wealthy and big business owners. We are calling for NO NAU, NO amnesty for illegal aliens, NO more guest worker programs, NO more H1B visas, NO open borders - CLOSE OUR BORDERS NOW, NO birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens, NO driver's licenses, bank accounts, or mortgages for illegal aliens, NO social security-welfare-food stamp-medical-education services for illegal aliens, NO JOBS FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, No Mexican trucks and truckers in America.

    We want to see a STOP to the criminal support of illegal aliens in America, the enforcement of our federal immigration laws by our elected officials, states, and in the workplace. We must not and cannot tolerate this type of terrorist behavior in America any longer.

    We want to put the legal citizens and legal immigrants in America back to work. We hope you will decide to join in our effort to defend our Constitution, our Jobs and the Sovereignty of our Nation. We are the United States of America.

    With deep respect for America.

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    How big do they plan on this being? This stuff is posted in every trucking forum I visit, yet I wonder if there will be enough participation for it to make the news.
  3. LadyD

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    On my way out of that area and headed to Chicago, then most likely out to Seattle, so I guess I won't be anywhere near this. If we see it on the news, and truckers are mentioned, we will know there was much participation from truck drivers.

    Hope that not too many drivers lose their jobs over this.
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    As Big As We Make It - That's How Big

    this is a grassroots movement. there is no one else to help us. we cannot count on congress or the administration. i am getting the word out as fast and well as i can. i hope everyone else is doing the same. the long-planned north american union is a frightening proposition. it means the end of our sovereignty. it means the end of america. please, please do some research on it. educate yourselves, then forward, forward, forward! obviously, it is not covered by the media so very few people even know about it. but caravans of big trucks on the freeways driving slowly, bearing anti-nau signs, honking, yelling, whatever, are going to be very hard to ignore. as noted on Save America Fund , if you cannot make it to a state capitol, you can participate on any freeway. even cars - though trucks are better. do nothing illegal - just speak out and drive the minimum legal speed. no reason for anyone to lose a job over this, but if it happens, it is nothing compared to the number of truckers without jobs once the first mexican trucks arrive. we are running out of time. we have to act now to take back our country and reinstate the constitution. good luck to us all.
  5. Snake Eyes

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    Blocking interstates is illegal. Can you imagine how much trouble you would get in if there is a fire somewhere and you are blocking emergency vehicles from getting to the scene?

    No thanks.
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    I remember when a bunch of drivers did this in Ohio, protesting the speed limit back in the 90's. Many tickets were given out over that.
  7. pnicholson9

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    it is not blocking interstates. it is slowing the traffic. please note the explicit instructions for emergency and funeral vehicles on Save America Fund . NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS ILLEGAL! and joe, you're worried about a ticket? a ticket? have you been listening, friend? do you have any idea of what's at stake here? bush wants to make us one with mexico and canda. the trans-texas corridor is a superhighway that will go right through the breadbasket of our country, on to canda with mexican truckers having exactly the same right to the roads as YOU have. there is already a 'port' in kansas. WE WILL BE PAYING THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY. WE WILL NOT BE USING THE CONSTITUTION ANYMORE. WE WILL NOT BE USING DOLLARS ANYMORE-WE WILL BE USING AMEROS. these are just a very few highlights. you need to be afraid of something incomparably more traumatic than a traffic ticket.

    "when you lose you rights, remember how hard you didn't fight for them"
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    In all honesty, this isn't about "Bush". This is about NAFTA, and the agreement made in 1995 that was supposed to allow all of this to take place.

    You can agree or disagree with NAFTA, but blaming it on this President is very short sighted and inaccurate. Part of our President's job is to provide avenues for previous agreements to be carried through, and NAFTA is a previous agreement that came about several years ago.

    Like or dislike NAFTA, the citizens of the United States voted for the politicians several years ago that passed this. Let this be a lesson to everyone that voting should be taken seriously by everybody.

    Now as far as emergency vehicle. From your website..
    Let's put common sense into play. Once a bunch of trucks started blocking traffic, do you honesly expect truck drivers to hear what is going on a mile behind them? Do you know how hard it is to spot an emergency vehicle from an 18 wheeler at times, much less hear them coming from behind?

    And once traffic is all blocked, even if you do see them, where are you gonna go? Once the highway is congested, it is congested, the traffic can "magically" part and form an open avenue for emergency vehicles to go through.

    Protest do not belong on the highways. It won't be your group getting in trouble for this, it will be the truckers out on the highway getting tickets, getting hauled off to jail with their trucks being impounded, as well as truck drivers losing their jobs.
  9. Midnight Hauler

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    I completely agree with you, JoeT. I am as against NAFTA as anybody, but impeding traffic on an interstate to show my disapproval is not the way to go about it.

    It will surely make a scene and probably get this organization that is pushing the event some face time on TV if enough trucks did it, but the exposure it would bring to the truckers would be all negative.
  10. Jayhawk

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    Glad you guys posted the replies here. Hopefully people think about what they are getting into before they attempt something like this.
  11. Mike

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    Well, I have been watching all the newswires for any mention of this, haven't seen anything yet. Is there much of a turnout at all?
  12. Mike

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    Found this from the saveamerica website mentioned in the first post (posted 4/23)
    Not a big shock there. I full expected the D.C. Police to be prepared to divert this as much as possible.

    Still not seeing anything from any major news outlets though.
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    Why do the post everything in capital letters? :)

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