Forged DOT physical cards

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    Forged Medical Cards

    I live in NH and our medical cards are made special. It is a form with a carbon-less backing. The medical card that you end up with is already laminated and when you write on the front of the form it somehow goes through the lamination and onto the paper. Not sure how they figured how to do that. But anyways. I'm standing at the counter paying for something then see a box labeled Medical Forms. I ask what is that? She says they are NH DOT Medical forms for $10.00. I just got my medical renewed and asked to see one. It was the same!!!

    So I was like What the F***. By this time the parts guy and owner come over and tell me drivers just fill them in. They say this has been going on since day one!! Once again I was like....What the F***. Never knew this.

    Then he proceeds to tell me that this year when the new rules and training go into effect for doctors they have to enter the info onto the FMCSA web site and that info will also be given to your state and available to DOT inspectors. So, what that means, if you go to renew your license and no current medical, your CDL license is history. Pull into a weigh station or road side inspection? They can verify your medical.

    I was floored. I never knew how wide spread forged medicals are. I was on the CSA web site and just looked at Swift and the no current medical cards was in the hundreds!!
  2. Tim

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    NH DOT charges 10 bucks for Medical forms? Dayum!!!!! Kentucky gives theres away free.
    While the rules for DOT doctors are changing as they have to be approved by the FMCSA and the state, not all states are in line yet.
    Drivers have been doing there "own" for years. I've have a time or two in the past while I realized mine was expired while I was out on the road. Truck stops sale the forms and cards from JJ Keller, I've filled them out just in cased I was stopped and asked to show the card, once I got home I had the real deal done.
    Just because you look at a company on the FMCSA web site and the BASIC has a high number of " no current medical cards" can mean a number of things like the driver lost the card. Once all the states are in line and this rule for the doctors is enforced "medical cards" will be all but a thing in the past much like the "bingo cards".
  3. Terry

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    Arizona and Iowa enter the doctor information into the computer system. I'm not sure a fake DOT medical card would work anymore than a Fake driver's license would work if you were pulled over.
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    The "fakes" are the reason the Feds are putting this new program into effect. I recently went to the NC DMV to get a new endorsement on my CDL-A. My last exam was almost a year old and was not on file with the State. They will eventually require the "Long Form" be on file prior to issuing a CDL, but, for now they accepted my Driver's Copy after it was sent to a review panel in Raleigh.

    I was informed that although my CDL was current, if I let the Medical Exam expire I would be guilty of driving with an expired license, as well. Double whammy.

    This is a game changer, for sure.
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  5. SkateBoard

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    The medical form I was speaking of is also the long form. Your medical card is just a punch out.
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    Not really much of a game changer.....The expiration of a medical card has ALWAYS rendered your CDL invalid and it would revert back to being just a regular license until you got a new physical.

    It was even that way when I had a chauffeurs license before the CDL even existed.
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    I thought that if you let your medical card go you were back at square one and lost your CDL too. Yes?...No? That's the way I've always understood it. Just getting a new med card doesn't put your CDL back into effect if you let the med card lapse. Does it?
  8. SkateBoard

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    Not sure how it's going to effect you but your doctor will have to register your exam results with the DOT online. Your CDL will not be renewed if the computer shows you not valid anymore.
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  9. SkateBoard

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    Just found this.

    No tests will be required unless your CDL was cancelled for more than a year. The same applies for those individuals who downgrade to a regular license. They have one year from the date of the downgrade to get their CDL back without re-testing.
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  10. Not true. I just renewed my Class A CDL with N and M endorsement on 5/12. My medical expired on 4/12.

    NOT an issue. I just can't legally drive "commercially" until I get my new medical. I need my CDL to be able to give these RV CDL "exempt" lessons. They need a LOFS (licensed operator front seat) to be able to practice driving and take the skills test.

    I just gave a lesson in Boerne TX last Tuesday and Wednesday in a $350,000 Class A motorhome. I made $340.00 plus expenses for 2 days of riding around in this huge motorhome. I rode my bike down and stayed in a nice motel. They paid all meals and expenses and I got a paid mini vacation.
  11. SkateBoard

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    The new CDL medical registering have not gone into effect yet. Doctors need to take a class this year then is begins.
  12. 2xR

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    I've been ticketed for an expired medical card (many moons ago) and was allowed to leave the coupes and continue my run. I was not ticketed for having an expired license, nor, told to park the truck. If what you are saying is correct the occifer missed a chance to add another infraction and put me OOS, generating three times the revenue of the medical card fine. Can't believe a Revenue Ranger would leave so much money in my pocket.

    The badge at the DMV Office said, specifically, "medical card expires, CDL expires... both ticketable, OOS violations."

    Sucks to be a modern era trucker...
  13. Duck

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    My medical card expired in March. I ain't even worried about it. All I gotta do is go get a physical & it's back to normal.. if I wanted to drive a CMV again, which I'd prefer not to but probably will anyway.

    What's kind of confusing though, is I can't legally operate a CMV, yet I'm still technically "employed" as a truck driver, on a part-time status. I haven't driven one since before it expired, but since I'm still technically employed as a truck driver, I'm still subject to the random drug tests.
  14. The drug testing thing IS strange isn't it? According to the big boys, the expiration of your medical does NOT alter the validity of your CDL. It alters your legal ability to drive "commercially". According to TX DMV, ANYONE who can pass the written and the skills (driving) test can apply for and receive a CDL. This does NOT mean you can drive the truck legally. If one wants to pay the money to obtain the license, that's fine with DMV. If that were not the case, DMV would require the applicant to provide wriiten proof that he or she needed the CDL for employment.
  15. SkateBoard

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    The deal is, when your medical expires and you go to renew your license your car will be ok but you will no longer have the Class A endorsement. You will have up to 1 year to get a valid medical then you go back to the DMV and they put the endorsement back.
  16. Once again Skateboard, NOT true. My CDL Class A expired on my birthday 5/2012. My medical expired 4/2012. I have NOT renewed my medical as of yet as I am NOT driving commercially and don't want to spend the money right now. I went to TX DMV to renew my license and did so in about 15 minutes. I still have a Class A CDL with N and M endorsement. I can't legally drive "commercially" until I renew my medical. The expiration of your medical does NOT affect your class of license, it affects your legal ability to drive a commercial vehicle.
  17. SkateBoard

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    I guess you have a problem reading my previous post. Once again, it goes into effect some time this year. The next time your license is up for renewal you can't get your CDL renewed unless your medical is current.
  18. Spartan718

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    How did they forge it? In NJ the cards require a doctor number and the doctors have to be registered with the DOT. Guess some states have been a lot lax about it. The "new" system is not new for NJ license holders.
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    Just buy the form then put all the same info from your old medical long form. Then sign the doctors name.
  20. Please show me the "chapter and verse" in FMCSA rules. I checked with my Rule Person and they have not heard of this rule. I asked specifically because I am REQUIRED to have a CDL in order to give these new RV CDL "exempt" lessons. I do not have to have a medical because I do not drive commercially. The only statute on the books is that you will be required to supply the state of issue with a copy of your medical in order to legally drive a "COMMERCIAL" vehicle. Texas already has that on the books. You can either have the examiner send a copy to the state or you can do it yourself via a special form available on the TX DMV site

    So....what you are telling me is that because I have no medical, my CDL is going to be invalid?

    I think someone has some incorrect info. My source says that if what you say is true, the state will REQUIRE an applicant to have a written statement that says they are REQUIRED to have a CDL before he can obtain the license.

    In essence what you are saying is that I can't take the Master Electricians license test unless I have a written invitation form an electrical company proving I am REQUIRED to have this license and the state is going to turn me down?

    Sorry....I'm not buying that one. Once again....please provide FMCSA chapter and verse or at least the proposal of rule to back your claim.


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