Another botched DEA operation

Discussion in 'Truckers Political Forum' started by rebel, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. rebel

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    This definitely involves trucking, but I thought it was better to post it here rather than in "Trucking News" or something similar.
    I think the story was posted some time ago but this is the latest on a Texas company whose driver and truck was being used in an undercover operation without the owner's knowledge.......
  2. blackw900

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    Cops and Feds doing what they do best....Violating our rights, Lying and fabricating facts and then hiding behind their badges when it all blows up in their faces.
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  3. j911brick

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    WOW! this pretty much leaves me without words. I can't believe nobody has anything to say about this? Why was the DEA using a civilian for a dangerous mission?
  4. Injun

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    Maybe (the bolded section) is why there isn't much commentary.

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